Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back from my unplanned hiatus!!

First of all,

I missed you guys so much! I am so sorry for my disappearance... it was sort of impromptu.

You see, I have been super busy since the start of this quarter at school. I had two days of 3-hour lectures on Monday and Wednesday, and the other three days of the week I had clinical rotations ALL DAY, plus homework/studying weekends and every afternoon after school/clinicals... I feel tired just thinking about it!

Diagnosis: Just a tad stressed related to complete academic overload, depleted resources, and little to no life as evidenced by being a nursing student. My life.

But good news! I just finished my clinical rotations so I only have classes to attend, YAY! I took my 2nd out of 3 tests yesterday, and I did fairly well, if I do say so myself ;)

Yesterday we also took our class photo that they hang up on a wall in our school, and that just made it feel very final. And guys, I will finally be DONE with nursing school in 28 DAYS!! I am so close, I keep telling myself:

Anyway, I feel like I have a little more time now to read and do bloggy things, now that I feel like my life isn't so hectic, so expect to see more posts going up in the next week :)

Also on my "About Me" page I mentioned that I absolutely HATE taking pictures of myself, but I promised that I would post a pic of me that is at least somewhat decent (However, I also posted these awkward ones with some authors). So, without further ado, an awkward pic of me I like to call "What do I do with my face?! *awkward smile-type thing*"

And I just want to thank you all for bearing with my during this crazy time of life that is also known as nursing school...


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  1. *hugs* You're looking lovely sweetie! YAY scrubs!
    Nursing school is madness indeed! YAY for almost being done with it!
    Being a nurse is also a bit crazy but in a different way!

    1. Thanks! And actually those scrubs aren't as comfortable as they may seem, lol. I'm just really excited to finally be almost done with it! Almost there!

  2. Welcome back!!! And congrats on being so close to finishing! That's exciting! You look all professional and pretty in your scrubs. :D

    1. Awws, thanks :) I am very excited to finally be done!

  3. Congrats one almost being done! and Welcome back!


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