Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Binge Watchers #6: Shows I Want To Catch Up On or Finish

Binge Watchers is a very fun meme hosted by Michelle from Because Reading is Better Than Real Life and Stormi from Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My! This meme is perfect for anyone who loves to binge watch ALL the things, and honestly, who doesn't? Lol. You can talk about what you've watched, what you're currently watching, and even what's on your watchlist! Anything and everything goes, basically! There is no specific format you have to follow and this meme only happens every other week! For more info you can go here!

Two weeks ago I talked about the shows on my watchlist, which included Sherlock. In that post I mentioned SuperWhoLock and how I have seen Supernatural and Doctor Who and I just had Sherlock left to watch in that... fandom, I guess? Lol. Well, that reminded me that I still need to catch up on Doctor Who. So this week I thought I'd mention the two shows I'd like to catch up on/finish! And up first, since I already mentioned it, Doctor Who!

50th Anniversary ‘Doctor Who’ Poster Print

I started watching this a while back when it was on Netflix. I started off with the ninth Doctor, the one before David Tennant. And I'm sorry I don't remember what his name is! 😭

love these two. Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston as Rose Tyler and The Doctor #9.
Oh, it's Christopher Eccleston. Lol.
Found that out searching for this image 😅

Anyway, overall, I really enjoyed watching this first season. I didn't think it was absolutely amazing, but the world is very interesting and the ninth doctor was so funny!

Probably have pinned before, but come on...  Best cornball line the Ninth Doctor ever offered, and believe me, there were a lot of 'em.

And while I did love him, I was particularly excited for the David Tennant Doctor because I had just finished watching him in Jessica Jones...


I LOVED him in this show! He was absolutely amazing in it! So yeah, I was very excited to see him as the tenth Doctor. And I loved him in that too! I actually only got to watch Doctor Who up until just before the last episode with Rose as his companion because Netflix removed Doctor Who before I could finish! 😭 I actually don't even know how many Doctors there are at his point lol, but I really want to get back to this series and catch up!

And the next show is one I want to finish...


Pretty Little Liars... Guys, I don't even remember what season I left off on! Lol. I just remember getting so frustrated with the show and with all the A's and mysteries that seemed never ending, I just gave up on it. But now it's finally over! Finally! Lol. This is a show I really loved when it started, and while I did get annoyed with it eventually, I'm still curious and really want to finish watching it. I always knew I would get back to it, I was just waiting for it to be over. 😂

What I'm watching this week:

I've only watched 5 episodes of Supernatural since the last post. The episode I am currently on is Sam, Interrupted 5x11 which I love! There are so many amazing parts! There's the pudding dance...

[gif] I call this the pudding dance! ;D | Supernatural - Sam, Interrupted 5x11



And just... faces.

Sometimes the whole show is worth it just for Jensen's reactions to things!

😂😂😂 I love this show! And season 13 is finally coming back TOMORROW!!! Yay!

Are there any TV shows you would like to catch up on or finish?
What are you watching this week?

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