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Review: The First Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders #1) by R.L. Stine

The First Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders, #1)
Title: The First Evil

Series: Fear Street Cheerleaders #1

Author: R.L. Stine

Publication date: August 1992

Published by: Archway/Simon Pulse

Source: Own paperback

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"Give Me a D-I-E!"
Newcomers Corky and Bobbi Corcoran want more than anything to make the cheerleading squad at Shadyside High. But as soon as the Corcoran sisters are named to the team, terrible things happen to the cheerleaders.

The horror starts with a mysterious accident near the Fear Street cemetery. Soon after, piercing screams echo through the empty school halls. And then the ghastly murders begin...

Can Corky and Bobbi stop the killer before the entire cheerleading squad is destroyed?

My rating: ★★★★☆

When the cheers turn to screams...

Bobbi and Corky Corcoran have just moved to Shadyside and are looking to join the cheerleading squad. After some issues, the Corcoran sisters join the team, much to the dismay of the other girls. One day, they are on the bus heading off to perform somewhere when they are in an accident, which happens at Fear Street Cemetery, no less! Then, as expected, strange things start happening... accidents. Someone or something is out to get the cheerleaders!

What an amazing day! Bobbi thought, watching [Chip] as he ran. So many good things happened at once!
She shook her head, somewhat dazed by it all. Her next thought was: I’ll probably be hit by a truck on the way home.

So, I have never read the Fear Street Cheerleaders series, but I did sort of know about this evil spirit that haunts the cheerleaders. However, I didn’t know who it actually was, so that was nice. But then as I started reading and we came up to where the girls are involved in an accident, I thought it was gonna be super obvious who this said spirit actually was. But I was wrong! There’s more to the mystery of the evil spirit, Sarah Fear, and her death, which I found quite interesting. I did, however, guess way ahead of time who was possessed by the evil spirit. Totally obvious, in my opinion.

Cheerleaders are always stereotyped in books, so I was surprised that I actually liked the girls! Well, some of them, anyway. I loved the Corcoran sisters, they were very nice and, well, likable! I even liked the captain, Jennifer, the only girl who seemed to be on the side of the Corcoran’s. Kimmy on the other hand... her jealousy of Bobbi and Corky was just ridiculous! The Corcoran’s are legitimately good at cheerleading! I just really did not like her. And someone else I didn’t like was Chip. He came onto Bobbi... hard! This after having broken up with Kimmy only a couple of weeks prior. And then he came after Corky. Yeah, no thanks.

gross no thank you

One of the things I love about these Fear Street books is the amazingly creepy descriptions! There was a death scene in this book that just... Wow! It was incredibly horrifying, especially since we saw this from their POV! Speaking of, this death was surprising! I never would have thought...

The mystery in this book was okay, but for the most part I had figured things out way ahead of time. But that definitely did not deter my enjoyment of the book! I am really looking forward to finding out more about this evil spirit and Sarah Fear!

Some mentions in this book: Lisa from The New Girl and Cari Taylor from Party Summer!

The Fear Street Connection: Sisters Bobby and Corky move to Fear Street...

what could go wrong

“Fear Street,” one of the policemen had said grimly, shaking his head. “Fear Street...”

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