Sunday, June 30, 2013

Showcase Sunday (#38)

Welcome to Showcase Sunday, hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea. The aim of this event is to showcase our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed form the libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week (it's becoming more of a monthly thing for me, though lol). For more information about how this feature works and to join in, click here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Spartan Frost (Mythos Academy #4.5) by Jennifer Estep

Title: Spartan Frost

Series: Mythos Academy #4.5

Previous books in this series: First Frost (#0.5) | Touch of Frost (#1) | Kiss of Frost (#2) | Dark Frost (#3) | Crimson Frost (#4)

Author: Jennifer Estep

Publication date: June 25th, 2013 (TODAY!)

Published by: Kensington, K-Teen

Source:The publishers via Netgalley

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I’m Logan Quinn, the deadliest Spartan warrior at Mythos Academy. At least I was — until the day I almost killed Gwen Frost.

Professor Metis and Nickamedes say that I’m fine, that Loki and the Reapers don’t have a hold on me anymore, but I can’t risk it. I can’t risk hurting Gwen again. So I’m leaving Mythos and going somewhere far, far away.

I know Gwen wonders what’s happening to me, whether I’m safe. I can’t tell her, but this is my story...

My rating: ★★★★★

Oh man, this novella? It was AMAZEBALLS! I *heart* Logan

Monday, June 24, 2013

Cover Reveal: Nomad by J.L. Bryan

NOMAD a *BRAND NEW* release from J.L. Bryan, author of Jenny Pox (The Paranormals) series & The Songs of Magic series!

Excerpt + Giveaway: The Neptune Project by Polly Holyoke

Welcome to my stop on the tour! I've got an excerpt I picked out myself, so I hope you enjoy! Also, there's a giveaway at the end!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Common Descent (Darwin's Children #3) by Natasha Larry

I've got the cover of the third book in Natasha Larry's Darwin's Children to reveal to you today! Also, don't miss out the giveaway at the end!

Check out the cover:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Funny Tragic Crazy Magic by Sheena Boekweg

So happy to have you on my stop of this lovely tour, especially since I LOOOVE anything magical and witchy! Here's my review of the book, enjoy!

Funny Tragic Crazy Magic
Title: Funny Tragic Crazy Magic

Series: Book #1

Author: Sheena Boekweg

Publication date: April 2013

Published by: Sheena Boekweg

Source: To review for blog tour

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Keep your head down.
Don't make waves.
Don't let anyone know you're a freak.

LARISSA ALVAREZ is a witch. Magic was useful enough to make her pretty, but beyond transformation runes, Larissa has ignored her mom’s pleas to learn about her magical heritage on the grounds that it’s just too weird.

But when her family is killed, and the powerful book of runes Larissa was supposed to inherit disappears, she realizes she’s not going to survive without magic. Worse still, she’s falling in love with her only ally, her best friend Joe, who has a secret that could kill them both.

Now magic is the only way she can reclaim her heritage and save the boy she loves. Larissa dives into the world of magic she’s always ignored and finds herself caught in the middle of an age-old war between Witches and Mages.

She may be poorly trained.
She may not have anyone to trust.
But it's time to start making waves.

My rating: ★★★★☆

Such a great read! As its name suggests Funny Tragic Crazy Magic WAS funny, tragic, crazy, and magical!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Spotlight: Bad Apple (The Warner Grimoire, Book 1) by

The Warner Grimoire Book One: Bad Apple (The Warner Grimoire, #1)

Title: Bad Apple

Series: The Warner Grimoire #1

Author: Clay Held

Publication date: May 2013

Published by: Clay Held

Blurb: 14-year-old Simon Warner isn't having a very good October. To start with, he drowned, and then the real trouble started. Next thing he knows, he's back among the living, and face-to-face with an ghoulish-looking man who kidnaps his adopted father. Enter Nathan Tamerlane, a bonafide wizard, and soon Simon is deep in the hidden world of the supernatural, walking among the Freemancers: a secret society of wizards, and the stewards of all magic on Earth.

Soon the truth is revealed: Simon's birth parents are wicked sorcerers who betrayed the Freemancers years ago before going into hiding. Making matters worse, a cruel and xenophobic warlock named Silas Darrow is gathering his followers (some would say worshipers) to lead an assault on the non-magical world. Now, if Simon ever wants to see his adopted father again, he's going to have to join Darrow's cult. Easier said than done. All it takes is one moment of weakness, and a powerful evil will infest Simon's soul forever.

Find The Warner Grimoire: Bad Apple here: Goodreads | Amazon | Website | Twitter

Monday, June 17, 2013

Review + Giveaway: Shutdown (Glitch #3) by Heather Anastasiu

Welcome to my stop on the tour! I am so happy I am one of the lucky bloggers who gets to kick off the tour! I've got a 5 star review for you, so...Enjoy! Also, if you have not started this series, I recommend you give it a shot! It's absolutely great!

Shutdown (Glitch, #3)
Title: Shutdown

Series: Glitch #3

Previous books in this series: Glitch (#1) | Override (#2)

Author: Heather Anastasiu

Publication date: July 2nd 2013

Published by: St. Martin's Griffin

Source: ARC for blog tour

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The battle is all but over, and hope seems to be lost. Zoe and her fellow Resistance fighters are on the run, having lost their home, their protection, and their leader. They are outnumbered and outmatched by the powerful corporation that controls the world, and the cruel Chancellor is inches away from completing a scheme that would kill most of humanity. Zoe's only remaining option is to chase the impossible dream of upending the Link system, freeing the world from the hardware that controls their thoughts and emotions, and hope it will trigger a revolution.

The plot requires a nearly impossible mission to infiltrate the dangerous Community, and it is a task that Zoe must unfortunately complete alone. With challenges and surprises at every turn, nothing goes according to plan. Adrien's visions of the future now show two possible outcomes: one in which they succeed, and one in which humanity falls. It all lies in Zoe's hands.

Full of romance, high-adrenaline action and shocking twists, Shutdown is a heart-pounding conclusion to an exciting sci-fi adventure trilogy for young adults.

The thrilling conclusion to an action-packed sci-fi trilogy.

My rating: ★★★★★

So it's been about 6 months since the happenings of Override, and, you know, still on the run. When it's not one thing it's always another. But Zoe is determined now more than ever to stop the Chancellor once and for all.

Cover Reveal: Darkest Day (The 19th Year #3) by Emi Gayle

Of all three covers of the series, this is by far my FAVORITE! And I am SO excited to share the cover with you all! LOOK:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cover Reveal: Ghost Hold (The PSS Chronicles #2) by Ripley Patton + A Freebie!

First, you have to know that the first book, Ghost Hand, in the series was just AMAZING! It became a fast favorite of mine! Its no surprise that Ghost Hand has been getting rave reviews on Amazon ;) And I have been SO excited about the second don't even know! Ghost Hand was recently chosen as the June Book of the Month for a Goodreads Book Club with over 1300 members (I voted!) and Ripley has been hard at work writing the second book, Ghost Hold. But today we are revealing the very, very cool cover! Take a look:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Spotlight: Flightless by Keri Neal

Title: Flightless

Author: Keri Neal

Publication date: May 30, 2013

Published by: Keri Neal

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Blurb: Pen was a Guardian, but one violent night took his wings. Ten years later he is given the opportunity to earn them back.

Jade is spellbound by the new student. Pen is quiet, but she is determined to learn more about him. When her terrifying past comes back to haunt her, Pen reveals there is much more to him than she could have ever imagined.

With his soul on the line, Pen cannot protect Jade if his feelings keep getting in the way. But with Jade’s soul on the line, he must protect her from unearthly forces who want her blood. Will the truth redeem them, or tear them apart?

Find Flightless here: Goodreads | Amazon

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review: Uprising (Children of the Gods #2) by Jessica Therrien

Upcoming blog tours:

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour! I've got a 5-star review for you! Enjoy!

Uprising (Children of the Gods #2)
Title: Uprising

Series: Children of the Gods #2

Previous book in this series: Oppression

Author: Jessica Therrien

Publication date:

Published by: ZOVA Books

Source: ARC from author to review

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Elyse has done everything she can to protect her friends from The Council's reach. As long as they believe she's dead, she has time to rest and train for war. And war is inevitable.

When Kara arrives with the news that Anna and Chloe have been captured, Elyse is faced with the realization that no one is safe until The Council is stopped and Christoph is destroyed. She doesn't need a prophecy to tell her to lead an army. Christoph has done the one thing that ensures she'll fight to the death. He's threatened the people she loves.

It will take more than the words of an oracle to help them fight against the most powerful Descendant alive. To break The Council's oppression and rise up against a plot so many years in the making, Elyse will need to get dangerously close to her enemy. So close, in fact, she may not survive.

My rating: ★★★★★

This book was just plain awesome!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cover Reveal: Vitality (Proximity #3) by M.A. George

Got a gorgeous cover to reveal to you guys today! It's book 3 in the proximity series, and this cover is by far my fave! Check it out!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Showcase Sunday (#37)

Welcome to Showcase Sunday, hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea. The aim of this event is to showcase our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed form the libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week. For more information about how this feature works and to join in, click here.

Yeah, a weekly meme which I have been falling behind on, lol. So here is what I got for the whole month of May:
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