Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bookish Discussion: Reading One Book vs. Multiple Books at a Time

As bookworms, we basically breathe books and probably don't go a day without reading, right?

She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live. Good record :D

But, what type of reader are you? I mean, do you just read one book at a time, or do you find yourself reading multiple books at once?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Review: Get Lost, Odysseus! (Myth-O-Mania #10) by Kate McMullan

Get Lost, Odysseus! (Myth-O-Mania, #10)
Title: Get Lost, Odysseus!

Series: Myth-O-Mania #10

Previous books in this series: Hit the Road, Helen (#9)

Author: Kate McMullan

Publication date: August 2014

Published by: Stone Arch Books

Source: ARC from publishers via Netgalley

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In this humorous version of Greek mythology, Hades, King of the Underworld, tells the true story of Odysseus and his ten-year journey home from Troy...

You might think you know all about The Odyssey, but until you read Get Lost, Odysseus!, you don't know the truth. With Kate McMullan's trademark blend of humor and details from the original tale, Get Lost, Odysseus! tells the Greek classic in a brand-new way. The Trojan War is over, but now Odysseus has to find his way home to Ithaca...and in typical fashion, he's angered Poseidon enough that the sea-god has decided to make his journey miserable (if not impossible). But Hades has a soft spot for the long-gone warrior, so even if he's sworn to Poseidon he won't help Odysseus directly, he might be able to pull a few strings...

My Rating:

This book was a lot of fun, as always. Get Lost, Odysseus! tells the story of Odysseus on his way back home to Ithaca after the Trojan War, a retelling of The Odyssey, if you will. The story is narrated by the Greek god Hades, and he just give it a really fun twist! There a lot of great characters including gods and monsters like Polyphemus... HA! Idjit ;) And Cerberus! Totally adorable!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review: Divided (Dualed #2) by Elsie Chapman

Divided (Dualed, #2)
Title: Divided

Series: Dualed #2

Previous book in this series: Dualed

Author: Elsie Chapman

Publication date: May 2014

Published by: ARC from publishers via Netgalley

Source: Random House Children's

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The hunter becomes the hunted. . . .

West Grayer is done killing. She defeated her Alternate, a twin raised by another family, and proved she’s worthy of a future. She’s ready to move on with her life.

The Board has other plans. They want her to kill one last time, and offer her a deal worth killing for. But when West recognizes her target as a ghost from her past, she realizes she’s in over her head. The Board is lying, and West will have to uncover the truth of the past to secure her future.

How far will the Board go to keep their secrets safe? And how far will West go to save those she loves? With nonstop action and surprising twists, Elsie Chapman’s intoxicating sequel to Dualed reveals everything.

My Rating:

You know, when I first read Dualed I didn't think there would be a sequel because the first book wrapped up SO nicely! But when I found out about Divided I was very curious to see what it was all about, seeing as how West had already defeated her Alt. But oh my gods, this book was SO good! I was really pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blog Tour- Review + Giveaway: My Tethered Soul (Reaper's Rite #2) by Dorothy Dreyer

My Tethered Soul (Reaper's Rite, #2)
Title: My Tethered Soul

Series: Reaper's Rite #2

Previous book in this series: My Sister's Reaper

Author: Dorothy Dreyer

Publication date: August 19, 2014

Published by: Month9Books

Source: From the publishers for Chapter By Chapter BT Review

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It’s been months since Zadie faced her sister’s Reaper, months during which she’s been under her mentor’s magical protection. But now that she’s turning seventeen, that protection is about to run out.

When dark forces lure Zadie to wander at night, she’s manipulated into committing unspeakable acts. With her friends and family at risk, Zadie must try to use her powers to break free from the Reaper’s grasp, or surrender to the Reaper’s Rite, which can only lead to death.

My Rating:

Zadie may have saved her sister Mara from a reaper, but now a reaper is after Zadie, controlling her and making her sleepwalk and do... things. Horrid things. And it was just totally freaky! Will Zadie surrender to the Reaper's Rite, or will she somehow manage to beat this curse? Dun, dun, DUN!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blog Tour- Review + Giveaway: Gypsy (The Cavy Files #1) by Trisha Leigh

Gypsy (The Cavy Files, #1)
Title: Gypsy

Series: The Cavy Files #1

Author: Trisha Leigh

Publication date: May 13th 2014

Published by: Trisha Leigh

Source: From the author for Xpresso BT Review

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Inconsequential: not important or significant.
Synonyms: insignificant, unimportant, nonessential, irrelevant

In the world of genetic mutation, Gypsy’s talent of knowing a person’s age of death is considered a failure. Her peers, the other Cavies, have powers that range from curdling a blood still in the vein to being able to overhear a conversation taking place three miles away, but when they’re taken from the sanctuary where they grew up and forced into the real world, Gypsy, with her all-but-invisible gift, is the one with the advantage.

The only one who’s safe, if the world finds out what they can do.

When the Cavies are attacked and inoculated with an unidentified virus, that illusion is shattered. Whatever was attached to the virus causes their abilities to change. Grow. In some cases, to escape their control.

Gypsy dreamed of normal high school, normal friends, a normal life, for years. Instead, the Cavies are sucked under a sea of government intrigue, weaponized genetic mutation, and crushing secrets that will reframe everything they’ve ever been told about how their “talents” came to be in the first place.

When they find out one of their own has been appropriated by the government, mistreated and forced to run dangerous missions, their desire for information becomes a pressing need. With only a series of guesses about their origins, the path to the truth becomes quickly littered with friends, enemies, and in the end, the Cavies ability to trust anyone at all.

My rating:

What initially drew me to Gypsy was the premise. It just sounded so intriguing! I mean, a bunch of kids with genetic mutations kind of like X-Men?? Yes please! I love me some Marvel! And awesome supernatural abilities ;)
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