Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Post #123: It's Morphin Time! (It's Also Funnier in Enochian)

Welcome to The Sunday Post hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where I talk about what is going on in life and the blog, and show you all the bookish things I got that week!

What I've been doing:

The stuff I ordered finally came in... also my shopping at Hot Topic may have gotten a bit out of hand. But I'm a fangirl, what can I say? 😉

I got two Panic! shirts (I'm currently wearing a tie-dye one as I write this Saturday night... and the purple one is SUPER soft so I'm excited to wear that one), MCR (I cry), a super cute Supernatural one, and a Dragon Ball Z tank 😄

And speaking of Supernatural and being a fangirl, I got me another Supernatural nail polish! 😁

This one sold out insanely fast! But I am so glad I was able to get my hands on it because it is absolutely gorgeous! It's freaking HOLO and we all know I love holo! 😍

I also went to the movies again this week...

What I've been watching:

...And finally saw Power Rangers! 😁

Power Rangers

I was actually very excited to see this movie 'cause I was a 90s kid and grew up watching the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers... Tommy was my favorite 😉 (besides the pink Ranger)...

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie

I just loved the TV show and original movie, okay? And I gotta say, this reboot wasn't all that bad. My hopes for this weren't very high to begin with, so I enjoyed it very much 😊

It's Morphin Time

Nail art of the week:

I went through a lot of manicures this week. I wore my new blue Supernatural polish for a couple of days, I tried out some neon nail art... twice. It didn't work out so I gave up and decided to got with my other Supernatural nail polish, the Demon Blood one, which is what I'm wearing now! I put a holo top coat over it and it looks gorgeous!


Reviews posted this week:

Give Me a K-I-L-L (Fear Street Relaunch, #6) Halloween Party (Fear Street, #8)

Book Haul


Created by [Antonette, Felisha] Inborn (The Birthright Book 1) by [Saunders, Amy]

[Click the image to take you to the Amazon page! But check the price first to make sure it's still free!]


I went to the dollar store the other day and saw that they had Loki's Wolves there--I read this book awhile ago and loved and I was so surprised it was there that I grabbed TWO! It's a little insane, I know 😉 lol. I'll probably give away the second one at some point.

How was your guy's week? Get any bookish things? Let me know in the comments below or leave me a link to your post!

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  1. So many great books this week. I love the nail polish. Especially the blue. I have so many different colors and shades and like to change mine often. Power Rangers was fun. Watched it all the time with my son. I'm curious about the new movie.

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