Saturday, March 31, 2018

Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2018

And another month flies by... seriously, WTF? Lol. I can't believe April is already here! On the plus side, the weather here seems to finally be stabilizing. I really don't mind the cold (I actually prefer winter over summer), but the fluctuating temps were driving me insane! I remember one day a couple of weeks back, it was literally freezing out in the morning so I had to turn on my car before leaving for work. But then that same day on my way home, I literally had the AC on cause it was so warm out 😐 lol

Books read this month:

The Surprise Party (Fear Street, #2) The Beginning (Fear Street Collector's Edition, #1) Bad Dreams (Fear Street, #22) A Longtime (and at one point Illegal) Crush

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws The Sleepwalker (Fear Street, #6) Jinxed

7 book! Well, actually, 5 books, 1 omnibus, and 1 short story. But overall, not too bad.

And my favorite book of the month was actually the short story!

A Longtime (and at one point Illegal) Crush

It was so cute! If you like contemporaries, I highly recommend this one! This coming from someone who almost never reads contemporaries! Lol.

Books Reviewed in this month:

Halloween Night (Point Horror) Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2) Jinxed

Halloween Night by R.L. Stine | ★★★★☆
Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare | ★★★★★
Jinxed by Thommy Hutson | ★★★☆☆

Other Posts:

Giveaway OVER

Blogoversary Giveaway! ENTER NOW!

I dropped the ball on posting this month compared to the last, but I tried to post something at least once a month! I'm hoping to catch up on my reviews this month... but then again, I always say that. Lol.

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