Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Post #120: So Many Giveaways

Welcome to The Sunday Post hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where I talk about what is going on in life and the blog, and show you all the bookish things I got that week!

What I've been doing:

This is my Blogoversary month and I finally put up a giveaway! Yay! :D You can scroll down this post or check the right side bar to enter.

In other news, I got more nail art stuff in the mail... no surprise there. But check out this super cute necklace I got:

Oh my god, I LOVE it!! 😍

What I've been watching:

Iron Fist (March 17, 2017)

I don't know what everyone was complaining about... I'm currently on episode 10 of 13, I am really liking this so far! Yes, it's been out for like 3 days and I have already seen 10 episodes. I actually watched the first 8 episodes the first day!

"Don't judge me." 9x04 Slumber Party

Anyway, I'm excited to find out how this ends because after this, I think we're getting The Defenders, in which all four of the Netflix Marvel superheroes will team up! :D

What I've been listening to:

"I Dared My Best Friend to Ruin My Life" by Zandsand90

This Creepypasta was awesome! And f*cking insane! This one runs at about 19 minutes, BUT it's part of an ongoing series and so far there are 3 parts out. You can find the playlist here. The playlist so far totals about 50-ish minutes with the 3 parts.

Nail art of the week:

It's a thermal polish!! I love it! I ran my nails under cold water to turn the polish pink, then as it warms up it turns gold! I also did pink stamping on my accent nail so that when they are pink, you can't even tell that it's there! It's SO cool!


Reviews posted this week:

Sunburn (Fear Street, #19) Party Summer  (Fear Street Super Chiller, #1) Lights Out (Fear Street, #12)

Other Posts:

2017 Blogoversary Giveaway!

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Book Haul


Jump When Ready by [Pandolfe, David]

[Click the image to take you to the Amazon page! But check the price first to make sure it's still free!]

How was your guy's week? Get any bookish things? Let me know in the comments below or leave me a link to your post!

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  1. That necklace is adorable. I love stuff in miniature. Creepy Pasta has so many CREEPY things to watch. LOL And it looks like some fun books for you too!

    My Sunday Post


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