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Review: Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis

Title: Whisper

Author: Phoebe Kitanidis

Publication date: April 2010

Published by: Balzer + Bray

Source: Own paperback

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Joy is used to hearing Whispers—to walking down the street and instantly knowing people's deepest, darkest desires. She uses this talent for good, to make people happy and give them what they want. But for her older sister, Jessica, the family gift is a curse, and she uses it to make people's lives—especially Joy's—miserable. Still, when Joy hears a mysterious and frightening Whisper from Jessica's mind, she knows she has to save her sister, even if it means running away with a boy she barely knows—a boy who may have a dark secret of his own.

My rating: ★★★★☆

Whisper was very interesting. You see, all of the females in Joy’s family have the ability to “Listen,” AKA read minds. Joy’s mother taught her to make the best of it and use it to make others happy. But Joy’s sister Jessica... she’s another story. She is very bitter about this ability and Joy doesn’t understand why. Until Joy starts to slowly see for herself why Jessica is the way she is first hand. Joy’s power is changing and she doesn’t know how to deal with it—she’s slowly becoming an outcast herself. Even worse, Jessica has had enough of her family and this awful (to her) ability she never wanted, so she runs away. Shortly after, Joy starts to get this strong feeling that Jessica is in trouble and she is the only one who can help her. Luckily for Joy, Jaime, a boy she barely knows, is willing to help her out on this mission.

The characters were great! I really liked Joy, though I thought this whole “making everyone happy” thing was just bleh. The girl has to think of herself every once in awhile, honestly. Jaime was very intriguing. I liked him! And I was SO surprised to find out about his Big Secret! How insane! Jessica was a very complicated character. I kind of didn’t like her in the beginning because she was so bitter, but after seeing what she went through via Joy, I ended up understanding and even kind of liking her by the end. And then their mother, I liked her in the beginning, but by the end...


So many secrets she kept from the girls. So much that could’ve been avoided had she been upfront with them.

Whisper had a very intriguing story, and I am happy to say that I really liked it! The only thing I thought was kind of unfortunate was that it didn’t really go into how they got this ability. I would’ve loved to know where it came from/how they got it, because apparently it’s been in the family for, like, ever! However, I did like how this wasn’t your typical coming-into-your-powers type of story. Joy’s ability had already been established, but now it was changing in ways she never expected. And I love me some awesome supernatural abilities, in the first place, so this was just great for me! I loved the way it was described how these abilities worked!

With an interesting story, complex characters, action-filled plot, and an interesting mystery, it’s safe to say that I very much recommend this read! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more books by this author!

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a link to your review or comment below! :)

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