Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monthly Round Up + Book of the Month: October 2012 (And Happy Halloween!)

Hey everyone! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This has got to be my most favorite holiday of the year! I just love anything paranormal/supernatural, monsters, ghosts, witches, and CANDY (that I steal from my little bros, lol)! Anyway, hope you're all having a great (and safe) one!

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And now onto the post.....books I read this month:

Heartless (Pretty Little Liars #7) by Sara Shepard
Wanted (Pretty Little Liars #8) by Sara Shepard
Blood Forever (Blood Coven Vampires #8) by Mari Mancusi

Why am I slacking in my reading? you ask. I got two words for ya: Nursing school. It's crazy how much work it is! But then again, we are dealing with taking care of people...their lives will literally be in our hands! Scary thought, right? Anyway, I've been doing pretty well so far. I have developed this system that will motivate me even more to do well in school, it's really very awesome! For every exam I get an A on, I will reward myself with buying TWO books from my wishlist. For every B, ONE book. Anything lower than that, nada. So far we've taken 2 exams: on the 1st I got an A and on the 2nd I got a B (and I have another coming up next week), so that means THREE books! :D I haven't bought them yet though...I'm going to wait till this quarter is over.

So anyway, that is my excuse for my lack of pleasure reading and my going AWOL on my blog. And you guys probably don't care about all this so I'll shut up about that now, lol.

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"Book of the Month" is a monthly event hosted by Book Whales YA ReviewsThis is done to highlight one of the books that you have read in the previous month.
 This will enable us to comment from one blog to another. Books you recommend for others to read. Hope you guys will join us. We would love to see your favorite book of the month!

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As you saw, I didn't have much to choose from, and they were all really great books. But for this month I think I'm gonna go with....

This book was supposed to be the last of the series, and I thought it was AMAZING! The mystery to the mysterious "A" was finally solved, and there was a lot action and surprises and AWESOMENESS! If you love a a good mystery, I recommend this's just CRAZY!

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Books I reviewed this month:

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Other posts:

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And lastly, I have an AWESOME giveaway going on! Check it out!

Click the pic to take you to the giveaway!

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Okay, I think that's all. And just to satisfy my curiosity, what will you be dressing up as this Halloween?? If you're not dressing up, what's been your fave costume?


  1. I love the Pretty Little Liars TV series. Great pick :)


    1. The show is amazing! I can't wait for it to be on again!


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