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Blog Tour - Review + Excerpt: Enchantment (Spellbound #3) by Nikki Jefford

Hey everyone and welcome to my stop on the Enchantment Blog Tour! I have some stuff that is just magically delicious for you guys today (and no, it's not Lucky Charms...sorry)

Title: Enchantment

Series: Spellbound #3

Previous books in this series: Entangled (#1) | Duplicity (#2)

Author: Nikki Jefford

Publication date: April 6th, 2013

Published by: Nikki jefford

Source: ARC from the author for review (thanks!)

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Barcelona. Summer escape. Or so Graylee Perez thought until her old adversary, Adrian Montez, brings his magic show to Spain.

Gray seeks out a Spanish wizard to help banish Adrian from her life once and for all. Instead, she tumbles headfirst into a love spell with the arrogant warlock.

After Gray follows Adrian to Paris, she must face her true feelings and decide if Adrian’s worth fighting for.

My rating: ★★★★★

Oh boy, what can I say about the end of this series? Well, it's bittersweet. It was such an amazing series (one of the BEST witchy magical ones!) that I am just sad to see it end! There was no doubt in my mind that I would love this book as much as the first two in the series. And you know what, it was effing amazing! Such a great ending to a wonderful series!

In this book we get to see what duplicate Graylee (who goes by Gray) has been up to. With the other Graylee (who goes by Lee) and Raj back home, this Gray decides to fly overseas on a magical retreat. And you know, she's having a blast en la hermosa ciudad de Barcelona (Translation: in the beautiful city of Barcelona) until...BAM! Someone casts a love spell on her and she falls in love with... *drumroll* none other than Adrian The freakin' Avenger! *dun dun DUN*

It's always the last person you could possibly imagine. And oh man, it's the most amusing thing I have ever heard! Gray hated this guy to start with, so it was totally hilarious in an ironic sort of way. But Nikki made it work! Adrian has honest feelings for Gray, and I absolutely LOVED seeing that softer side of him! That's right, whether you believe it or not, under all that arrogant exterior there is a very sweet and charming guy underneath. And I loved exploring this side of Adrian. In the past two books we got to see a lot of Adrian, but in this book you will get a new perspective on him.

I love Gray. She is such a likable character, very feisty and kinda sassy. And under that love spell she was just a lot of fun to read about! And oh my gods guess what! Without giving too much away, Charlene is baaaack! But, in this book, I actually like her! I thought she was just the worst sister ever in the last books (you know, all evil and stuff for killing her twin). In Enchantment she still acts like herself but at the same time she isn't as evil. I don't know how to explain it, but I really enjoyed reading more about her. And I really want to tell you more 'cause there is this little detail that is REALLY funny, but I wont 'cause of spoilers and whatnot.

And then there's Adrian's Nan....you mischievous old lady you *wags finger in her direction* I really liked her, too. She is such a loving grandmother. Mischievous, but loving.

We also get some new characters which I thought were okay for supporting characters. I gotta be honest though, I was more interested in the characters we already knew.

As for the story itself, it was fantastic! Now, I like my books to have tons of action...some fights here, a few close calls there. And in this book, the action was more towards the end. Is that a bad thing? Not in this book! Why? THE FREAKIN' ROMANCE! Yeah, it was only a love spell, but the romance made me swoon and sigh every other page, nonetheless. I loved it! Yes, I loved the love! The love spell was the main component of the story, so really, the action was just a plus!

Okay, and I have to confide something in you: I absolutely ADORE Raj and I asked Nikki if we would get to see more of him in this book. She said I would have to wait and see. So I did. And honestly, I didn't even care for Raj one bit because all I wanted was more Adrian! As Gray fell in love with Adrian, I did too. *dreamy sigh*

Alright, this review is getting a little rambly so here are my last thoughts: I loved Adrian (Oh, did I mention that already? Whoops, rambling again ;)) and the story of the Graylee duplicate. It had a great combination of romance and magic and I always love a book that can make me laugh. Nikki did a fantastic job with the descriptions of Barcelona and Paris...I honestly felt like I was there. And I am happy to say that the ending of the book was perfect! The prologue and epilogue tied in nicely and the ending had no loose threads. I'm so sad to say goodbye to all these wonderful character I've come to love, but I am also extremely happy I got to know them in the first place!

But first a little note from Nikki...

Bad Boys and Underdogs

I have always had a weakness for bad boys and underdogs. Put the two together and it’s swoon city! Personality attracts me more than looks. But even then, the guy better have some redeeming qualities. Adrian Montez wasn’t intended to become a main love interest at the start of the Spellbound Trilogy, but he started to win me over in Duplicity. Unfortunately, he didn’t win over Gray – not by a long shot!

It took a love spell to make her see the side of him I have. Even then Gray remains stubborn and true to character. Will Adrian and Gray get their happy ending?

Excerpt: A Trip of Notre Dame

“So that was the home of Quasimodo,” Gray said, glancing over her shoulder.

“Someone has to ring the bells,” Adrian said with a smirk.

Gray looked at the cathedral one last time before wrapping her hand around Adrian’s arm. “I always felt bad for him.”

“Since when does Graylee Perez root for the underdog?” The words tasted bitter in Adrian’s mouth.

“What do you mean by that?”

Adrian pulled away from her. “Nothing.”

She reached for his arm and pulled him roughly back towards her. “Hey, I want to know what that means. Are you talking about yourself because I’ve never considered you an underdog.”

“Oh, no? How do you think of me?”

“As the evil wizard.”

From Gray’s expression, Adrian could tell the words came out before she had time to think. He pulled out of her grasp, teeth clenched. Not even a love spell could mask how she saw him. An evil wizard. A monster.

How easily Gray forgot that it was she who first came to him. Evil wizard? Gray wasn’t exactly Glinda the Good Witch.

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Thanks so much for stopping by! And make sure you check out this amazing series if you haven't done so already! And now I'll leave you with a little something Adrian sent me *eeeep!*:

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a comment! :)


  1. I have to agree that I too found myself loving Adrian. Boy I never thought I would say that!!! Nikki Jefford's little twist on Charlene left me laughing for quite a while! Loved it!

    1. I know! I am in the same boat as you! Me? Love Adrian?
      Me-before-reading-Enchantment: Yeah right!
      Me-after-reading-Enchantment: Hell yeah!


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