Friday, January 10, 2014

Cover Reveal: Night & Day by Emi Gayle

"What is Night & Day?" you ask? Well, according to the author, this novella takes place ‘well after’ the 19th Year Trilogy, but features many known characters! Personally, I really liked this series and I adored Suze! I can't wait to read it! But let's not get ahead of ourselves... take a look at the cover:

Publication date: February 10, 2014


Something is wrong with Suze. His memory, his magic, even his muscles have all gone mental. If he's not careful, the underworld's version of the loony bin may be his next stop.

Not ready to give up the goat yet—if he had one he didn’t eat that is—Suze sets out to stop the mystical mayhem. Unfortunately, this isn't a fairy tale, and Suze isn't Snow White felled by an apple waiting for a kiss. Nor is he Prince Charming.

Nope, he's just Suze. A destroyer demon stuck without the one person who probably kept him sane for the last eighteen years. Mackenzie Thorne. Or, maybe, just maybe, Mac made him insane, and what was once wrong is now right.

The only thing Suze is sure of—maybe—is that he needs to find the cure. However, with boy wonder memory-less and Mac in California, he’s not even sure where to start.

Of course, once he does figure it out, everything will fall into place like a well designed set of dominoes. Where the path leads, though, is a place Suze never would have expected.

So keep an eye out for this short story, and if you have not read the 19th Year series yet, I highly recommend it!

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