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Book Spotlight: Gaelan's War (Gaelan Kelly #1) by Thaddeus McGrath

Hey guys! Today I have a special book spotlight for you featuring a supernatural thriller, ooooo spooky! You could say it's...



Okay, I'm sorry. Bad Supernatural joke, I know. Lol. Moving on!

If you like vampires and werewolves and an action-packed story, check out this book!

Gaelan's War (Gaelan Kelly Book 1)
Title: Gaelan's War

Series: Gaelan Kelly #1

Author: Thaddeus McGrath

Publication date: December 24th, 2017

Published by: Thaddeus McGrath

Genres: Adult, Supernatural Thriller, Horror

Synopsis: WHEN GAELAN KELLY RETURNS FROM WAR, physically and emotionally scarred, he tries to piece a normal life back together. But the horrors of war couldn’t prepare him for the terror he discovers, thrust into a world he never knew existed. Dealing with the trauma of combat and plagued by nightmares of a monster that shouldn’t exist, Gaelan finds himself embroiled in a battle to protect humanity even as he struggles to preserve his own.

He fought a war of men. Now he fights a war for mankind. But Gaelan’s greatest war will be within.

Find Gaelan's War here:

 GR - Gaelan's War

 Amazon - Gaelan's War

Unable to sit still, he found himself pacing around the clearing. The sounds of the surrounding woods

seemed to grow more intense. Despite the night air dropping below 30 degrees, Gaelan was burning

up in just a t-shirt. His stomach began to ache and grumble again, though he’d just gorged himself on

MREs. He quickened his pace. Keen bursts of smell joined the sharp night sounds. At first the smell

of dry grass and leaves, then scents that Gaelan couldn’t place. Was it meat? His stomach ached and

growled again. A twig snapped in the distance and his senses seemed to focus. His skin itched and

burned, and his stomach twisted painfully. His ears began to ring. His mind raced. Was he sick? Had

he been poisoned? He doubled over in pain, shutting his eyes tight against their painful burn. The

pain was more intense than anything he’d ever felt. More than the shrapnel and bullets. More than

any sickness he’d ever had. He fell to the ground, arched his back, gritted his teeth and struggled to

breathe. It felt like the bones in his left arm and shoulder were cracking. He bellowed out in agony,

then opened his eyes, looking up. The moon hung just above the tree line. It was almost completely

full. The reality and horror of his predicament hit him. “NOOOOOO!” Another wave of agony swept

his body as he screamed.

Thaddeus McGrath
About the Author: Thaddeus McGrath is a former U.S. Marine Corps fighter/attack pilot, a veteran of the War on Terror and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. He has loved writing since he was a boy. His debut novel, Gaelan’s War, was inspired by a desire to continue the discussion about PTSD, and a love of all things supernatural. In his world, werewolves aren’t big dogs and vampires definitely don’t sparkle! He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, kids, and oversized dogs.

Connect with Thaddeus McGrath here: Website | Goodreads | Twitter

Check out this book and let me know what you think!

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