Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Year in Books: 2017

I love this feature on Goodreads! It's always interesting to see certain statistics on the books I read!

First of all, I completed the challenge, yay! I actually started off the year wanting to read 100 books, but pfft, that didn't happen. So I adjusted it to a more manageable goal. Lol.

I read 55 books this past year which is actually more (about 10) than the last! Yay!

The most popular book I read was Clockwork Angel, which is no surprise. Everyone loves Cassie Clare! The least popular was a Mellow Summers book, which is a murder mystery series and I actually really like! It's very fun and I love mysteries!

The shortest book I read wasn't actually a book but a novella--an Elemental Assassin novella! I love this series and this year I read ALL the short stories and novellas! The longest book I read was a Cassidy Jones book, another series I love! I never actually realized how long it was though! Lol.

How did you guys do this year?

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