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Review: Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery #2) by Kim Harrison

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery, #2)
Title: Early to Death, Early to Rise

Series: Madison Avery #2

Previous book in this series: Once Dead, Twice Shy

Author: Kim Harrison

Publication date: May 2010

Published by: HarperCollins

Source: Borrowed from library

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Seventeen, dead, and in charge of heaven's dark angels--all itching to kill someone.

Madison Avery's dreams of fitting in at school died when "she" did. Especially since she'd maintained the illusion of a body, dealt with a pesky guardian angel, and oh yeah, brought the reaper who killed her to his untimely end. Not exactly in-crowd material.

Now Madison has learned that she's inherited the job of dark timekeeper and is in charge of angels who protect fate, whatever that means. Never one to abide by the system, Madison forms a group of rogue angels who definitely don't heed the rules of the heavens. But as she grapples with terrifying new powers, Madison may not be prepared for what lies ahead--unless she gets some seriously divine intervention.

My rating: ★★★★★

Madison just learned that she is the dark timekeeper and that she is in charge of all the dark reapers who all follow the guidelines of fate. But Madison doesn't believe in fate; she believes in choice and she think that its time for a major change. You see, the dark reapers reap the souls of those who will do very bad things in the future. But Madison thinks that if she can convince them to make the right choice, they could save the person's soul. If she could only convince the Seraphs of this...

With the help of Nakita and Barnabas (and almost Josh, but he got stuck in school lol) They set out to save a boy's soul who will use a computer virus to kill many people. The virus was only meant as a joke. Ace and Shoe were going to insert the virus into the computer system of their school so the system would shut down and they would have a free day on the 1st day of school. But things will go bad from there. One of the two boys will insert that same virus into the computer system of the hospital and many people will die because of it.

Its up to Madison to stop the right boy from doing this and save his soul as well as many innocent people. But first, Madison needs to figure out which boy is the one that will cause the destruction. And while all this is going on, she has to deal with the overwhelming powers that come along with being a timekeeper.

I absolutely loved this book! I loved all the twists at the end and I really liked all the characters, except for maybe Ace who got on my nerves sometimes, lol. I enjoyed watching Madison learn to get a hold of her powers. I kinda wished Josh was a little more involved, but since the book took place within a 24 hour span, and Josh was at school most of the time, I can understand.

Hopefully he will be in the next book a lot more. Talking about the next book, I cant wait to start it!! :D

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