Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spellbound Series Trailers by Nikki Jefford

Okay, so I promised I would do a little post about this series, like, last month...but school got in the way! Grrr, I know. But anyway, as promised, here is a little treat.

When I'm looking for books to read, what usually sells it for me is the book cover and the blurb. I almost never look for a book trailer...I'm not sure why. But with Entangled, not only did the cover and blurb capture my attention, but the book trailer did too! I absolutely loved it! Check it out:

Doesn't it sound awesome! Well, I've already had the chance to read this amazing book...check out my review!

Duplicity, the sequel to Entangled will be out sometime this month, and I cannot wait to read it! Here is the trailer for Duplicity as well. Watch at your own risk! I dont like having books spoiled for me, so if you havent read Entangled yet, its your call if you want to see the sequels trailer. But if you have read Entangled already, then YOU MUST WATCH IT!

*squeal!!* That sounds AMAZING! I wants it NOW!! :D

And let's be honest, the Nikki is just incredible at making these trailers!

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