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Blog Tour - Review + Giveaway: The Forgotten Ones (The Danaan Trilogy #1) by Laura Howard

Hey guys! And welcome to my stop on the tour! I am so happy to be part this tour because I absolutely adored this book (and you can read my gushing review down below)! Also, make sure you scroll all the way down for the giveaway! Thank you for stopping by!

The Forgotten Ones (The Danaan Trilogy, #1)
Title: The Forgotten Ones

Series: The Danaan Trilogy #1

Author: Laura Howard

Publication date: April 30th 2013

Published by: Laura Howard

Source: For review for blog tour

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Allison O’Malley’s plan is to go to grad school so she can get a good job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She has carefully closed herself off from everything else, including a relationship with Ethan, who she’s been in love with for as long as she can remember.

What is definitely not part of the plan is the return of her long-lost father, who claims he can bring Allison’s mother back from the dark place her mind has gone. Allison doesn’t trust her father, so why would she believe his stories about a long forgotten Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan? But truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother’s sanity.

My rating: ★★★★★

Oh man, this book...AMAZING! It was just so beautifully written!

Lately I've been reading pretty good books with tons of action, and I love that. But I've really been wanting something with a more prominent romantic element to it. I was craving it! And Laura definitely gave me what I wanted! The sexual tension between Ethan and Allison...Ugh! I LOVED IT! I absolutely loved the romantic element to it and I ADORED Ethan! But urgh! He is just infuriatingly charming. He says he wants to date Allison, and was so close to giving in...but he is just a HUGE flirt! If he wants to win Allie over he has got to rein it in. I really did love him, but I also felt bad for Allison because she was hurting over Ethan. Anyway, I cannot wait to see what will happen with their relationship in the next book since this book ended in sort of a cliffhanger.

As for Allison, she was just a really likable and relatable character! I loved her!

Switching to another note, I just had my psychiatric lecture not too long ago and had a week long clinical rotation at a mental hospital about 2 weeks ago (I'm a nursing student, BTW), so I got to see the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia first hand...and I can say that the author did a fantastic job describing this mental illness! Allie's mom had that flat affect (lack of emotional expression) going on and she was withdrawn, it also seemed like she had some delusions/hallucinations going on too, and disorganized speech (as in she didn't make sense when she spoke, sometimes). So she was right on with that! Though Allie's mom's schizophrenia...there's just something more to that than you can imagine, and I really liked that twist!

The story itself I really liked as well... Allison dealing with her feelings for Ethan, caring for her mother, and suddenly being thrust into a world full of fairies, both good and evil. Whew!

Which brings me to the subject of the fae. To be honest, their not really my thing, probably 'cause I have not read too many books with them. But I absolutely loved the addition in The Forgotten Ones! The story line was just very interesting with some very suspenseful moments! I keep wondering about this "Samantha" girl they keep talking about...hmmm...

Anyway, I absolutely LOVED this book! The psych stuff, the paranormal fae stuff, and my favorite: the romance! I cannot wait for the next book in this series! I seriously need another dose of this Allie/Ethan romance, lol.

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  1. Thank you so much, this means so much to me!!!

  2. Schizophrenia is so fascinating to me and heartbreaking, too. I love reading books that has the subject so I'm really intrigued by it and it sounds like she did a great job with her research on the illness too! So happy you liked it, Liliana! :) Great review!

    1. Thank you, Giselle! I love it when books have any sort of psych stuff in them. Psychology is just very fascinating to me!

  3. sounds like a good read to me. thanks for the giveaway.