Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blogging Confessions - How I review (Part 1): My To-Review List is Out of Control!

I thought I'd discuss something a little different, with all my recently read but not reviewed books as source of inspiration.

How soon after I'm done reading do I review?

At the beginning of this week I had twelve books that needed reviewing! TWELVE (not including three that I read last year but haven't reviewed yet... I know, it's bad)! It was insane! But two or three days ago I sat my ass down and tried to catch up. That day I wrote a good 5 1/2 reviews, knocking out almost half the books on my to-review list. Not too bad if I do say so myself. So, to answer my previous question, how soon after I'm done reading a book do I review it? Not soon, not soon at all.

The book that was on my to-review list the longest I actually read back on February 18th! That's over a month ago! But don't be surprised because this always happens to me, always! The reason why I fell 10+ books behind this time was because I was actually, you know, reading. I started binge reading the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep earlier this month and I just haven't been able to stop. It's SO good I don't want to do anything but read those books! I'm on book 5 right now and I haven't even gotten around to reviewing the four previous books in that series... It's bad, right? Lol. Another reason why my list grew to such chaotic proportions was because I had reviews scheduled about 3 weeks in advance, so I was like, "oh yeah I'm good for now." Too bad those scheduled posted ended last week, lol.

Spider’s Revenge (Elemental Assassin, #5)
But as long as I remember what happened in the book, whether I liked it or not, and how I felt about it overall, I should be good writing the review! Even better if I write down little notes on the book (either on my Kindle or on sticky notes left inside the book... I would NEVER write in an actual book!) or on Goodreads to refer back to later!

To answer my question in a little bit more detail, it all varies and depends on when I have a little time or I actually feel like writing... Feeling inspired, you know? Basically, I almost never review a book after I'm done reading it. Every once in a while I will, but that doesn't happen too often... Not unless it's for a blog tour and I waited till the very last second to read the book, lol.

 Usually after I'm done with the book I'll just sit there thinking about it, or go do something else, or if it's part of a series and I have the next book handy I'll start that (as is the case with Elemental Assassin right now!) And that is how I get sidetracked and don't review the book.

I am, however, trying really hard to stay on top of my reviews. I'm working to get to the point where I have no more than two books on my to-review list, trying to review the books right after I finish them. But that doesn't seem to be going well so far though, lol.

Well, I'm off to go try and catch up on my reviews! Lol.

So tell me, do you have your to-review list under control? How do you manage it? Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips for the chaotic mess that is my to-review list and for anyone else how my be going through this as well!


  1. Hey don't blame Gin for getting behind! :P Fun fact: We were pupping hunting while I was binge reading that series, so Odette almost became Genevieve! My mom has trouble with the soft g/j sound though. So, Odette it is!

    Anyway, whenever anyone mentions how many reviews they need to write I'm shocked! I write my reviews IMMEDIATELY. Like, I finish the book, close it (or put my Kindle to sleep) and get to typing! I can't let my thoughts stew like that, but it's awesome that you can still write a full review after time has passed! I absolutely cannot do it, since I like to capture my immediate reaction, and don't always take notes.

    Angie @ Pinkindle

  2. I suck at that too! I tend to review after a while too and sometimes that ends up building up into 5 to 6 reviews pending at any given time! Right now I think I'm only 2 behind, so I call that a win! I'm planning to write both reviews tonight before I allow myself to read anything else!

  3. I have no idea how you can leave reviews for over a month unreviewed! Wow, although, I have notes for books I haven't reviewed, in case I ever feel inspired to, because they were just books I read, not review books, but still.. wow. I never review a book right after finishing, because I tend to finish books anywhere from 3am onwards, and that would be crazy, but I do a day or two afterwards now, otherwise I just forget, but if it works for you Lili, don't change it up!<3

  4. I write the review as soon as I am done with the book. I like to have the book fresh in my mind. I can't imagine trying to remember anything 10 books later. I would definitely need to almost reread it to remember who's who and what happened.

  5. I am exactly like you. I almost never write a review immediately. Sometimes I wait a month or more - but I'm trying to get better about it too!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  6. I'm, like, OCD. I almost always write my review right away --- sometimes I'll even do it at work if it's a slow day and I finished an audiobook on my way into the office. I think the latest I've ever written a review was a week and a half or so after I read it, and that was because I was on a road trip. Usually I like to just get my thoughts out all at once, and then I can stop thinking about it while I move on to the next book in the pile.


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