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Blog Tour- Review + Giveaway: Bad Blood (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #3) by Nikki Jefford

Bad Blood (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #3)
Title: Bad Blood

Series: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #3

Previous books in this series: Aurora Sky (#1) | Northern Bites (#2) | Stakeout (#2.5) | Evil Red (#2.6)

Author: Nikki Jefford

Publication date: June 4th 2014

Published by: Nikki Jefford

Source: From author for review

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Aurora returns from boot camp to a new assignment, an unwelcome roommate, and the increasingly amorous attentions of a certain vampire hunter.

College is starting, and so is Aurora’s undercover work at a network of swanky parties known as “Tastings” for high rolling vampires who like their blood laced with fine wine. But Aurora’s not the only one on the prowl. An underground investigation is under way to find out who killed one of Anchorage’s most prominent vampires… and Aurora is a prime suspect.

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My rating: ★★★★☆

Aurora is finally returning to Alaska after six long months in boot camp. She is properly trained and ready to kick vampire butt!

If you remember from Stakeout (if you read it), on their mission, Dante and Noel found out about this "Tastings" event where mortal women drink wine and then vampires suck their blood and they can taste the wine in their blood. Now, in Bad Blood it's up to Aurora and the gang to stop this crazy thing. But things wont go smoothly, of course. While this mission is ongoing, Aurora is also dealing with Noel and Fan's betrayal. Remember Northern Bites? Oh my gods! There is a perfectly plausible explanation for everything! Total plot twist, as I mentioned in Stakeout. If only Aurora would shut up for a second and let them explain things to her. But I get it, she feel betrayed and hurt. Her ex-boyfriend and best friend... yeah, that's gotta seriously suck (no pun intended ;)). Aurora doesn't want to see Noel's face, but it turns out that they're roommates! How crazy is that?

And then there's the thing with Dante... You all know I'm a Team Dante kind of girl, but when I say this I think I meant it as I wanted Dante for myself ;) This is what I mean: Aurora and Dante suddenly start this relationship that just didn't feel right to me. We know Dante had more than friendly feeling for Aurora, but Aurora didn't, not really. She liked him as a friend. Aurora and Fane just feel right (But I still love you, Dante)! And, well, I'm just not a fan of love triangles. I do feel that this one will turn out okay though.

Speaking of Dante, I LOVED him! He is just a fun, easy-going character that I adored since the first time he made an appearance! I honestly cannot get enough of him!! And Aurora's other lover boy, Fane... well, I have a confession to make: I am really starting to like him!! There was one moment in the book where he made me go "awwww!" I mean, it wasn't a full on swoon, but hey, it something! Over the last couple of books and novellas he really started growing on me when I saw how nice and what a sweetheart he can be. There, I said it... I LIKE FANE!

Also, lets not forget about that little something that happened in Northern Bites. Not only is Jared still out there somewhere, but Aurora and Valerie (who actually surprised me when I found myself sometimes liking her! She's still a bitch though) left... other things left undone that might come back for revenge.

Things go wrong, people are in danger, Melcher might be hiding something... it's up to Aurora and her friends to make things right.

I had my own plans to take them all out one by one until only the master remained, vulnerable and weak.

I didn't have my own army. I had something better. Friends. The kind that lasted forever.

I really love this quote, especially because of the people she is talking about. It just moved me so much I had to take a moment...

Nuff said, this book was great! If you have not started on this series, get on it! There's no excuse, book one is free RIGHT NOW!!

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  1. This one was a bit of a wild ride and that ending was a bit of a killer! Tommy? What happened with Tommy!!
    I have to say the relationship might be a bit odd between Dante and Aurora, but the chemistry was there for me! I'm not entirely sure what team I am in this triangle, cause I like both guys!
    Great review, Lili!

    1. I don't know what it was about this triangle, but the Aurora-Dante thing just felt off to me =/ I'm glad it worked for you though! I do love me some Dante ;) And I have also grown to like Fane... he is very sweet when he wants to be!

  2. Thanks for being on the tour, Lili. I suck and still haven't started on this series but it sounds right up my alley and I especially love how character driven it is overall. It also sounds like it's only getting better and better!! Wonderful review!

    1. Thank you, Giselle! And yes, you MUST get a start on this series!! It has a fresh take on vampires I'm sure you'll appreciate!

  3. Humm, I actually thought it was a first in a series. Hummm, will have to read your other reviews, I guess! But it does look good and, Dante yeah, I think I could like him. ^^ Have you read the Night Huntress series? :D And great review, Lili!

    Lola@Seeing Night Reviews

    1. I <3 Dante ;) And definitely do check out this series if it sounds like something you might like! It is great and just keeps getting better!

      I have not read that series but it sounds very familiar... I will have to go look it up! Is it good??

  4. Thank you for the review stop, Lili. I'm so happy you highlighted those last lines. I was so satisfied when I wrote them. Jump up and yell "yes" moment.

    That Noel Harper "Bite Me" magnet you're giving away as part of the swag pack is actually the last one. They all got snatched up at the Seattle Author Event last month. So everyone enter to win a limited edition Noel Harper magnet! ;-)

    1. Nikki, you are brilliant! It was such a great line!!

      No way? That's too funny! I was hoarding this swag pack since you sent it to me and I thought it was time to give it up ;) LOL. Whoever gets it will be very lucky!!

  5. I loved Bad Blood (had an ARC copy) and can't wait for Hunting Season. Today I finished Evil Red and LOVED it. Valerie's POV is so interesting!

    1. I am very excited for Hunting Season, too!! So crazy things have been going down in Aurora Land and I can't wait to find out how things turn out! And I agree, Evil Red was certainly interesting!