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Interview: Sabrina Sumsion author of "Energy Book 1: Jasmine"

I am happy to have Sabrina Sumsion on my blog today!

Here is a little bit about her (I kinda stole her bio from her profile on Goodreads :P)

Formerly a literary publicist, I now spend my time writing and teaching others how to gain attention for themselves, their products or their companies. I have a website ( with publicity tips, pictures of some of my jewelry and profiles of authors.

I wrote Produce, Publish, Publicize to assist writers in making good publishing decisions and market their books. Jasmine: Energy Book 1 is my first foray into fiction.

I am a mother of three wonderful children. My two boys and girl are the lights of my life and I am humbled and grateful to have them.

And here is a little about her book:

When Jasmine moves to Omaha, Ne with her Colonel father as he works on top secret matters at Offut Air Force Base, she prepares herself for another lonely station. Jasmine meets Yumi, a mysterious girl in Art Class, and her world changes.

Jasmine plots to stay in Omaha but the acceptance of Yumi's housemates is central to her plans. Their rejection surprises her until she realizes they have a secret. For a chance at stability and blossoming love, Jasmine puts herself in harm's way to rescue Yumi and find the home she's been searching for since her mother died.

I have already read her book, and I totally liked it! (check out my review!)

Anyway, Sabrina was kind enough to answer some questions for me...check them out!

1. So, tell us, who is Sabrina Sumsion?

I’m a ninja disguised as a homeschooling mom, former literary publicist, craft-aholic and all around reading diva. Really, I kick down doors–no, wait, that was my husband when I locked us out of the house . . . Well, I engage in combat on a regular basis–online when I play MMORPGs with my children . . . OK, maybe I’m not a real ninja but my husband says I stole his heart. Does that count? No? Shoot.

Well, I love reading and I love writing. I think imagination is the biggest advantage a child can get in life and I try to allow my children many opportunities to expand theirs every day.

I love teaching authors how to avoid publishing traps and scams as well as how to market themselves and their works. There is nothing better in life than giving someone information that helps them become successful.

I also take a few hours each week and create jewelry, make lotions or paint something. I have little creation stations scattered through the house. My daughter gets into it a lot and scatters things which drives my husband crazy but remember how I mentioned that he says I stole his heart? Yeah. I’m not giving it back. He’s stuck with me forever. Bwah ha ha ha!

2. You are formerly a literary publicist, right? So when did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

I didn’t plan on becoming an author. I simply tired of watching authors make choices about publishing without knowing the consequences. Eventually the white paper I started ended up as Produce, Publish, Publicize. I threw in the basics of the industry and marketing in the book to help authors avoid the traps and scams prevalent in the industry. I still didn’t consider myself an author until I sat down and wrote Jasmine: Energy Book 1.

3. What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I enjoy teaching my children, making jewelry, making lotions, baking and gardening. I’m one of those people who does too many things because everything is fascinating!

4. According to you, what tools are must-haves for writers?

Every writer needs a good thesaurus. Using the same words over and over again gets boring for the reader. I think that writers need a writers group for support and education. I know I couldn’t live without mine.

5. When writing, do you work with an outline or do you just write?

I need an outline. I have note cards, a notebook and stickies that help me figure out where my characters are going before I send them on their quests.

6. Do you ever experience writers block? If so, how do you deal with it?

I do have writers block from time to time. Usually, it’s because I’m tired either physically or mentally. I force myself to rest then come back to writing when I feel fresh and inspired.

7. Was there anything particularly challenging when you wrote Energy Book 1: Jasmine?

The most challenging part for me is editing. I can make minor changes but usually I can’t see what I’m missing. This is where I’ve learned that the right beta readers make a world of difference.

8. What was your favorite part of the book to write and why?

Surprisingly, Malika’s chapter brought out a depth in the book I hadn’t expected. It helped flesh out Malika more and also gave me ideas for where the book will go. It was a case of the character taking the reins from me and telling me the story.

9. How did you choose the genre you write in?

Jasmine’s roots are a bit of a cliché. I had a dream with girl who changed into blue energy. Because that’s alien-ish, the book had to be a science fiction.

10. I, personally, am excited for book 2 in your Energy series! I really want to read more of Jasmine, Yumi, and Jasmine's other friends. Can you tell us anything about book 2 and perhaps about future books in the series?

I wrote a tentative summary for Honorio -When Jasmine stumbled into their extra-terrestrial secret, Honorio discovers information of his own. Jasmine’s dad is the new colonel on base who might hold the key to completing his team’s objectives.Now, he has to take on his hardest mission yet. Undo the damage his team inflicted while trying to scare off the human girl and worm his way into her heart. The problem? Jasmine likes a human from her drama class. Honorio must eliminate the competition–without actually killing anyone.

Further in the series Jasmine discovers the truth behind her mother’s death, why the aliens are on Earth and why she can’t walk away from Yumi no matter how logical it is to walk away.

11. On a random note, if you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

That’s a toughie! My kids think that I have X-ray vision since I can spot them when they’re doing things they shouldn’t. Personally, I want to fly. I have dreams all the time where I soar through the air without a machine enabling it. I remember one weird dream where all I had to do was a front somersault while airborne and I’d start flying. For some reason, I carried a door with me everywhere so I could step on the doorknob and jump off that to get the altitude I needed. (Yes, I have a strange logic in my dreams. Just ask me about the toilet dream!)

12. Is there anything else you would like readers to know about your books or you in general?

I love people. I love science fiction/ fantasy conventions. If we’re ever at the same one, please come talk to me. I love helping people so if you have questions, please ask. I’m on facebook and on twitter @sabrinasumsion.

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I want to thank Sabrina for stopping by on my blog today, I really enjoyed having her!

For more of Sabrina visit her website:

Also, check out her book! You can find it on Amazon and on Goodreads.


  1. Hi Liliana. I came over from Goodreads. I enjoyed the interview. Energy sound good and I look forward to meeting the characters. Thanks Liliana and thank you Sabrina for a great interview.
    laura thomas

  2. Thank you for the amazing interview Liliana! Laura, I'm glad you stopped by!


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