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Review: Blood Ties (Blood Coven Vampire #6) by Mari Mancusi

Title: Blood Ties

Series: Blood Coven Vampire #6

Previous books in this series: Boys that Bite (#1) | Stake That! (#2) | Girls that Growl (#3) | Bad Blood (#4) | Night School (#5)

Author: Mari Mancusi

Publication date: August 2011

Published by: Berkley Trade

Source: Borrowed from library

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The final battle is brewing between Vampires and Slayers. But for Sunny McDonald, the true war is being fought over her heart.

Though now officially back in the arms of her vampire boyfriend Magnus, Sunny finds she still can't forget the gentle mortal Jayden who once saved her life. And when the darkness threatens to steal his humanity, Sunny finds herself with a choice. Stay true to Magnus and the Blood Coven or defy them in a desperate attempt to save Jayden’s soul.

Meanwhile, the Blood Coven is gearing up for its toughest fight yet--going head to head with a splinter group of Slayer Inc who's regrouping in Tokyo, Japan, still determined to take over the world. In dark blood bars and hidden temples, it'll be Vampires vs. Slayers in a showdown that could cost Sunny not only her heart...but also her very life.

My rating: ★★★★★

In Blood Ties, Jayden's mortality is in danger. You remember him? Super sweet guy from Vegas who saved Sunny's life?? Well, now it's Sunny's turn to help Jayden. If they only knew this was the least of their problems. You see, evil fairy-vampire slayers threaten to rise and take over the world! Okay, that might be a slightly bit dramatic on my part, but you get what I'm saying ;) So it's up to the McDonald sisters and their vampire BFs to stop them and their evil plans.

I really liked this one much better than I did the last one. i mentioned that the fairies thrown in were a bit much, but I was glad to see they were kept to a minimum in this book. I was very happy to see more of the vamps!

The story was very action-y, suspenseful, and totally hilarious! That's what I love about this series: that it can literally make me laugh out loud! Even though there was a lot going on, the plot did not feel overwhelming. It was layered perfectly!

And then the hot-mazing guys? How can you not like that? Though, I have to say, love triangles suck! I love Jayden (I'm such a sucker for sweet guys), but I also adore Magnus (even though he pisses me of sometimes for being such a workaholic vampire acts like a freakin' jerk-face).

Even though this book was in Sunny's POV, I was sooo happy to see more of Rayne and Jareth! I love Jareth! Such a great vampire BF ;)

Overall, I thought the book was awesome! The shocking/cliffhanger ending was, well...shocking! Makes me wonder what will happen in the next book..

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a comment! :)

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