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Review: Pandora's Key (The Key Trilogy #1) by Nancy Richardson Fischer

Pandora's Key (The Key Trilogy, #1)
Title: Pandora's Key

Series: The Key Trilogy #1

Author: Nancy Richardson Fischer

Publication date: November 2011

Published by: Nancy Richardson Fischer

Source: review e-copy from author (Thanks!)

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When everything you believed about yourself is a lie, how do you unlock the truth…

Evangeline Theopolis has nightmares about the violent deaths of women she has never met. Her single mother, Olivia, suffers delusions she can’t hide. And Malledy, a brilliant young man, may have a disease that will leave him paralyzed and insane. Their lives are about to collide.

On Evangeline’s 16th birthday her mother gives her a necklace with an antique key charm—a family heirloom, though no one knows what the key unlocks.

Everything changes. Her mom is hospitalized. Her godmother attempts murder. An ancient Order tries to kill Evangeline, and a lethal sect to kidnap her.

Nothing makes sense—especially Evangeline’s own face, which has morphed from geeky to eerily stunning; the ancient key that feels strangely alive against her skin; and the magical abilities she begins to possess.

Evangeline must use her wits and supernatural powers to fight her deadly adversaries and discover her true identity. But can she accept who she really is and save the world?

My rating: ★★★★☆

I don't need to mention (again) that I love Greek mythology, right? Of course I do! I LOVE it! And I really liked Pandora's Key! I though it was a very interesting take on Pandora's myth, which I liked!

So, Evangeline holds the key to the one and only Pandora's box. She is its protectress, and she comes from a long line of protectors. But there are people out there who really want the key to open the box...for better or for worse. Evangeline's job? protect the box from being opened and unleashing the things that lurk inside. It's not an easy job, I tell you. There are people after her and the key.

The line between confidants and enemies blurs, and Evangeline doesn't know who she can and cant trust in this world she was suddenly thrust into.

Pandora's Key was an enjoyable read with a great story line and Greek myth intertwined awesomely! There were some shocking moments...One surprise in particular (*cough* Malledy *cough*) left me speechless! I sat there blinking, thinking: "He...this whole time? OMG! Whoa." It was pretty crazy stuff.

Overall, I really liked the story and found that it was very interesting. I am looking forward for more of the series!

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a comment! :)


  1. I believe you are recommending this book and I'm in. Putting it on my list now. :-)


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