Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bookish Discussion: Reading One Book vs. Multiple Books at a Time

As bookworms, we basically breathe books and probably don't go a day without reading, right?

She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live. Good record :D

But, what type of reader are you? I mean, do you just read one book at a time, or do you find yourself reading multiple books at once?

My problem with reading books is that I get distracted... By other books. | This is how I get multiple books going at once, lol.
Me, more often than not, I read more than one book at a time. Why? Well, I might be reading one book and for one reason or another (maybe it's boring or I just don't feel like reading that particular book at the time) I just feel like reading something else. So I put down that first book for a bit and pick up another one.

This is me on a regular basis, lol
Some people might find it overwhelming and maybe confusing reading many books at a time, but it's not confusing for me and I really like that variety of having different books to choose from. At one point, I think I've read up to 5-6 books at a time! And I manage to finish all the books sooner or later. Right now, however, I'm only reading one, which is very odd for me.

What type of reader are you? Are you a one-book-at-a-time type of reader, or do you have a stack of books on your nightstand that you are currently reading?
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  1. I am monogamous! I must finish a book before starting something else! I think my only exception was when I read A Clash of Kings a couple months ago, since it was sooo long. I wasn't bored with it, but I was a bit overwhelmed, so I'd read maybe 100-200 pages then read some other book, then read 1-200 more pages, and so on.

    Angie @ Pinkindle

    1. I really admire readers like you because, I, for some reason, cannot go too long without adding another book to my currently-reading stack! I don't know why! It just happens! lol

  2. I, like yourself, tend to read more than book at a time, usually an ARC, comfort read, one physical, a pair on the eReader... and I never have any trouble keeping things straight or being confused at all!

    1. Pili, you really get me ;) lol. Mine aren't usually an arc, comfort, physical, and e-book, though... I'm not that organized! lol. Mine are usually... ummm, really random at times LOL. I sometimes read a couple review books at once, then I might throw in a just-for-fun book... I don't know, I guess it really depends on what I'm in the mood for.

  3. Ha ha, what a great discussion topic. Same as you, I'm reading more than one book at a time because I like some variety and sometimes I'm not exactly bored but I feel like reading something else. I could also like take a break but if I prefer to continue reading, I'd take another book and voulà! Motivation renewed. :P

    1. Exactly! The book may not be boring, but you're just not in the mood to read it at that moment! Totally understand!


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