Monday, September 29, 2014

Bookish Discussion: Spoilers!

Hey kids! So, today's discussion will be about... *cue ominous music* SPOILERS!

Disclaimer: No actual spoilers of any kind! Just a discussion about them and their evilness ;)

Supernatural Funnies
Spoilers are not cool, Cas! Totally not cool!

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A spoiler, you say? NOPE!
Spoilers... I'd say most of us avoid those suckers like the plague, but I know of some people who actually seek them out deliberately! Yeah, I know, crazy! I actually have a cousin who often looks for spoilers of books she's going to read to see whether it will be worth her time. And that is totally fine! I really get it!

When you accidentally read a spoiler, LOL
I, personally, actively avoid them. I don't like reading them and I don't like giving people spoilers, either. It's one of the reasons why I don't usually read reviews of book I have not read yet. I mean, spoilers really suck if you weren't looking for them in the first place! I hate it when books get spoiled for me! Or shows *cough* Supernatural *cough* That also sucks. That's why my reviews are always spoiler free... well, I should say mostly always. Sometimes when I just really need to vent or fangirl and I NEED to put in a spoiler, I'll put in a spoiler tag!

So evil
And I have a confession to make: I sometimes actively seek out spoilers. I know, *gasp*! But its a very rare thing for me. For example, when I read Intertwined and Unraveled by Gena Showalter those books REALLY frustrated me, but at the same time I was very curious to see what would happen next. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to waste more of my time on that series or not, so one day, when I was at the library, I came across the third book in the series and I read just the last chapter! I mean, I don't really know what all happened throughout the book, but I kinda liked what I read in that last chapter... HUGE spoiler, by the way. Still don't know if I'll be reading that third book, though. Another time I deliberately looked for a spoiler was when Allegiant came out. There was a whole lot of hype surrounding the ending of the book, and I got curious. I have not read that series and, honestly, it never really caught my attention. I never even planned on reading it (please don't kill me! *hides*) so I thought, "Why not see how it ends?" And boy, what a SPOILER! I definitely (probably) won't be reading that series (*hide again*)!

To conclude, spoilers can be a very evil thing. They hurt sometimes. I was watching the show The Middle the other day, and Brick (a bookworm just like us) got a book spoiled for him by his own brother! Brick explained how much the spoiler hurt him... he explained it perfectly (see below)!

Spoilers... they hurt sometimes. #TheMiddle

So, do you avoid spoiler like the plague, as well? Or do you sometimes seek them out from sheer curiosity? Let me know in the comments below, or feel free to link me up to a post you've done yourself! :) And also let me know if you have read the Divergent series and what you thought of that ending!


  1. Spoilers are the bane of my existence! I pretty much don't read reviews for books I plan to read soon or are SUPER excited about, because what if there's a spoiler?! Even something small! I couldn't handle it! I was spoiled on Twitter about a HUGE event in a series I'm reading, which I'm super behind on, like 4 books I think. So of course I expect discussions of the series to contain spoilers, so I avoided them. But it was like an attack! I just didn't expect it to be there when I signed on! The worst part is is that the statement was phrased in a way that showed that this blogger knew it was a major spoiler: "Were you surprised when [spoiler] happened in [next book I needed to read]?!"

    O_O Why would you do that to me!!! *sobs* And I still haven't picked up that book, because WHYYYY!!!!!

    I try to be careful about posting spoilers in my reviews. I try to remain vague when discussing things, but sometimes like you, I need to rant. In which case I give the warning and then LET IT GO! I would never announcing something on Twitter. *still sobbing*

    1. I am the same! I most likely will NOT read a review for a book I plan on reading. Some people warn you ahead of time for spoilers, but others do not! Ugh! I'd rather not take the chance and have the book ruined for me!

      OH NO!! That is NOT acceptable! How cruel!! Sometimes you just don't expect them and BAM! Right in your face! :(

  2. Avoid avoid avoid!!! I HATE spoilers! My brothers and sisters are all older than me so they had read all of our books first, they used to use spoilers to blackmail me into getting them a drink or a muffin or whatever...
    "Evie, pick up those clothes would you?"
    "Well in the sixth book, Dumbledore..."
    And that was enough for me >:( Very unfair indeed! When I blog I like to avoid spoilers at all cost, It just ruins the excitement of the book! Great blog though! Your whole web design is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! Definitely got my follow :D

    1. Ugh! That is horrible! It's just like what happened to Brick in the last gif *shakes head* Siblings suck sometimes -_-

      And thank you, girly! I really appreciate it! I look forward to chatting with you! :)

  3. I do a little bit of both, but mostly I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

    1. Yep, most people avoid them, though I do get why people would go both ways.


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