Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bookish Discussion: Where I Get My Books + Swagbucks

Last week I got my book order from Book Outlet, so today I thought I'd talk a little more about where I usually get my books, considering I've been on said site quite a lot recently. I'll also be talking a little about something called Swagbucks. I know I've mentioned it before, but I'll go a little more in depth in this post. And if you love Amazon gift cards, definitely stick around for that!

Authors and Book Publishers

First off, as most book bloggers, I get a good part of my book collection from authors and publishers. Sometimes I get them directly from the authors/publishers themselves, but most often I get them from Netgalley. Edelweiss I don't use too often, but I have gotten a handful from there, too. No matter where I get these review books, I am always grateful for getting free books (in exchange for honest reviews)! Lately, however, I haven't gotten an awful lot of review books due to the fact that I'm really trying to get through the ones I currently have. We'll see how that goes ;)

Locally and Around Town

One of the downsides of living in a not-so-big town, We don't have a freakin' B&N! I'd have to drive out of my way just to go find one of those! I remember way back in the day we used to have a bookstore at the mall, but that's gone now, as well *sad face* The only real bookstore we have is Hastings, so that is where I purchase most of my books here locally. Sometimes I go there just to waste sometime and I don't buy anything because, well, books! Lol.

We also have a used books place called Amanda's Bookstore. I haven't bought an awful lot of boos from there because they don't usually have books I'd read. But I still do go there quite often, just to check ;) Plus they have a super cute cat!

And the last place where I get my books locally is, of course, my library! I LOVE getting books from here because, hello! FREE! I actually also started borrowing movies from here. A couple of weeks ago I borrowed Guardians of the Galaxy! But, you want to know something? I actually don't go to my library a lot. Why, you ask? Because I order my books from their online site and they mail them to me also for FREE! I can check out library books from the comfort of my home (and without having to wear real pants! ;) lol)


As some of you may know, one of my new favorite sites to buy books is Book Outlet! When I go to Hastings I always gravitate toward the Bargain section because those are always cheaper (and I'm super broke, lol), so I thought this site was just awesome! (And I just ordered a couple more books from that site yesterday, hehehe).

Another site I loved was The Book Depository because FREE shipping (internationally, too)! :D And the books there are also sometimes cheaper than other places. I don't use this site that much anymore, and I really don't know why. I'll have to check out that place more often.

And lastly is Amazon, of course. This is where I get a whole bunch of freebies but it is also where I've gotten a good part of my print book collection. Not only are the prices cheaper than say Target or Walmart, but I also get free shipping thanks to Amazon prime! And not only that, but I've gotten a good handful of Amazon giftcards from Swagbucks to feed my book addiction! :D How do I get these GCs from Swagbucks, you say? Well...

To get the gift cards, you first have to earn swagbucks. You can earn these swagbucks by doing many different things, like playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, etc. But my favorite ways to earn swagbucks are by searching (it's like a search engine):

Don't mind the "bowel perforation" I was just doing my homework ;) Lol. Getting Swagbucks for doing your HW, oh yeah!
The amount of SB you get and when you get them are totally random, by the way! 

I also like using the new "Read" option, which was practically made for us booknerds! :D

You hoover your arrow over each book cover and it will tell you what task to do to earn you SB.

Anyway, after you get a certain amount of swagbucks, you can go to the store and redeem them for giftcards! And there are many different giftcards you can choose from, but my favorite are always the $5 Amazon GCs (plus they're cheaper too!)

And this is how many GCs I've gotten since I joined SB:

That's $40!

You can see that they really add up over time! And you don't dont have to pay in any way, shape, or form! Think of it as getting free GCs just by simply using SB as you search engine! I unfortunately don't know if this is available internationally, but feel free to check on the site!

Where do you like book shopping at?? Have you been to Book Outlet? Because you really should! And always remember your library! ;) What about Swagbuck? Ever heard of it? Do you use it? Would you use it? Let me know in the comments below! :)


  1. I joined Swagbucks a couple years ago, but didn't like it. I've been using Bing Rewards since then, and I've gotten tons of $5 Amazon cards, too. You get a point every 2 searches, up to 15 points per day (unless it's a double day!), and for just clicking on their search of the day (usually holiday related or something) so I get one about every month. :)

    Angie @ Pinkindle

    1. Ooooh, I don't get one that often. I may have to check out this other one instead!

  2. I do buy my books in either Amazon, Book Depository and as of late also BookOutlet!

  3. SwagBucks sounds a lot like MyPoints. I've been a member of MyPoints FOREVER. I figured out recently I have enough points to get like $100 in Amazon gift cards. That's A LOT of books. :)

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

    1. Girl, what are you waiting for! Go redeem that card! Lol.

  4. I love Swagbucks - and I spend all of my bucks on Amazon gift cards too! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Right? Free GCs for books... what more could a girl ask for? ;) Lol.


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