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Review: An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away (The Mellow Summers Series #3) by Janet McNulty

An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away (The Mellow Summers #3)
Title: An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away

Series: The Mellow Summers Series #3

Previous books in this series: Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice (#1) | Frogs, Snails, And A Lot Of Wails (#2)

Author: Janet McNulty

Publication date: May 2012

Published by: Janet McNulty

Source: Owned E-book

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Rachel is back. And so is trouble.

Mel wakes up covered in blood and with a knife in her hand. She has no memory of what happened. Rachel gets word about it in the spirit world and decides to help Mel out. Now the prime suspect in a murder investigation, it is up to Mel's friends to prove her innocence. But can a ghost get Mel off the hook and catch the real killer?

My rating: ★★★★★

In this next installment in the Mellow Summers series, Mel wakes up in a creepy motel room, covered in blood, holding a bloody knife! Holy crap! What?! So naturally the cops think she killed someone, but with no concrete evidence (not even a freakin' body!) they have to let Mel go. So it's up to her (with the help other friends, and Rachel! She back!) to clear her name and find out who the heck did this to her.

This book was crazy good! I totally hooked me right from the beginning! It's not every day someone wakes up unsure whether they committed a murder or not.... It was just great (Not for Mel though, lol)!

And oh my gods! Aunt Ethel was the best! I loved her! She is just so... eccentric! She was a lot of fun to read about! :)

I'm kinda disappointed in myself because I didn't figure out who did this to Mel from the start because it was SO obvious! But I'm also glad I didn't figure it out 'cause I love being surprised :) But (yes another but) their motive was so cliche I just kinda rolled my eyes.

But overall the book was great! The mystery was crazy good, and it still managed to maintain some of its lightheartedness. I am SO hooked on this series! I highly recommend it!

Some of my favorite quotes AKA meet Aunt Ethel:

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