Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Post #82: Water Marbling!

Welcome to The Sunday Post hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where I talk about what is going on in life and the blog, and show you all the bookish things I got that week! Let's get started!

Last week I didn't post one of these, so this time around I'll be squishing 2 weeks into one because why not! ;) lol

Things I Watched:

Pushing Daisies! I remember watching this show way back in the day when it first aired, and I remember really liking it. Ten recently I heard somebody somewhere mention it so I decided to I needed to see it again. And oh my god! I now remember why I loved it! It's SO good and right up my alley. Basically, the main character, Ned, is a pie maker and he has a very interesting power: He touches a dead person once and they come back to life. Touches them again and they're dead for good. If he doesn't touch the person within one minute, another person in the vicinity will die, taking their place. I love the concept, to say the least. The morbid power is just my thing! Oh, and they solve murder mysteries with his power, and you know how much I love murder mysteries! Unfortunately, only 2 seasons (about 22 episodes total!) were released before it was cancelled :( This week I finished season one and am already about halfway into the second, and I am very much enjoying it! I don't want it to end! *sobs*

Next, I am now all caught up on Criminal Minds! I finished watching season 10 this week and it was pretty good. There were some very emotional episodes that almost made me cry... I love this show!

Also, a couple of weeks ago I was really in the mood to watch the Final Destination movies, so that's what I did! I watched movies 1-4, so all I have left is movie 5. Now, these movies aren't the best, I'm the first to admit, but they are entertaining enough (and the deaths are awesome! Morbid, I know, lol). I think my favorite are the first 2 because they are actually connected with one another; I thought that was very clever. Also, A.J. Cook who is in Criminal Minds (in the pic to the left, the blonde in the middle without the glasses) was in Final Destination 2 as the main character! I've seen all of these movies before, but I never realized it was her! It was so surprising. Anyway, these are good fun if you're into these sort of movies. But they are super gory, so if that's not you're thing, you probably should stay away from these, lol.

Things I Listened To:

I've been listening to The Weekly Planet podcast for about 3 weeks now, and I'm up to episode 73 out of about 100. Anyway, as I mentioned before, these guys basically talk about comic books movies, comic books, other blockbuster movies, and they are hilarious! If you're into this sort of thing, I highly recommend them!

Music-wise: As you may or may not know, one of my favorite bands is Panic! at the Disco and at the beginning of the year they put out their first song, Hallelujah which is amazing, from their upcoming album (which we still don't know what it's called or when it's coming out -_- Come on Brendon! We need some music!!) Well, this past week they finally released another song! Ahhh! So exciting! It's called Death of a Bachelor and it is awesome! When I first heard it, I was kinda iffy about it because it's not really what I listen to. I mean, Brendon (lead singer of the band) did say it was very much Frank Sinatra-inspired, and that's just not really my thing. But I did think it sounded beautiful, so I've listened to it a couple of times since then and it has definitely grown on me! It just has a gorgeous message :)

Nail art of the week:

So this past week I tried my hand at water marbling! I've never attempted it before because it always seemed so intimidating (and very time-consuming, lol). But this week I finally tried it and absolutely loved the outcome!

A couple of nails didn't turn out great, so I had to remove the polish, paint a white basecoat, then do the whole marbling thing again, but overall I think they look pretty good. Also, because this is so messy, the clean up was a nightmare! Haha. Anyway, for my first attempt, I don't think it was too bad ;)


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Library Books:

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These two books were purchase suggestion from me, and they got them, yay! Can't wait to read them! :)

For Review:

Curse of the Sphinx (Sphinx, #1) Dark Heart of Magic (Black Blade, #2) Opening the Veil (New Sight #1)

A Brighter Light (New Sight #2) Gods of Chaos (Red Magic #2)

Thanks so much to Raye Wagner for Curse of the Sphinx, to Kensington  for Dark Heart of Magic, to C.L. Clark for Opening the Veil and A Brighter Light, and finally a big thanks to Jen McConnel for Gods of Chaos! I am particularly excited for Dark Heart of Magic because, hello! It's Jennifer Estep! I just know it's going to be beyond great!!

How was your guys' week? Did you guys get some awesome bookish things this week? Let me know in the comments below or leave me a link to your post!


  1. I've never seen Pushing Daisies but I need a new show to try, so maybe I'll check it out!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. Pushing Daisies is my most favoritest show in the world!!!!

    I cannot get water marbling to work! I have tried and failed horribly! I read a billion posts, watched videos, and did all kinds of troubleshooting suggestions and I just cannot get it! Gaaaaah!

    1. It's amazing!

      Water marbling is hard! But keep trying! I think the end result is worth it!


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