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Review: Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame (Cassidy Jones Adventures #5) by Elise Stokes

Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame (Cassidy Jones Adventures, #5)
Title: Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame

Series: Cassidy Jones Adventures #5

Previous books in this series: Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula (#1) | Cassidy Jones and Vulcan's Gift (#2) | Cassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant (#3) | Cassidy Jones and the Luminous (#4)

Author: Elise Stokes

Publication date: March 2017

Published by: JACE Publishing

Source: For review from author

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Some boundaries should never be crossed…

The diabolic Metal Woman takes three people hostage. Her ransom demand: the location of a mysterious and unprecedented weapon, rumored to have been a gift to the Third Reich from Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.

When a rescue attempt goes sideways, Cassidy Jones seeks justice. Her quest leads her to the Seattle Underground, where she falls into the grip of an inexplicable evil. Cassidy learns too late that her desire for revenge may cost the life of someone she loves.

My rating: ★★★★☆

The Cassidy Jones series is definitely one of my favorites because it is just a lot of fun to read, so this was definitely another great installment in the series!

One thing I love about the series is the characters. I mean, Emery? I adore him!

love you this much

Everything that he’s been through—it hurts my heart! And speaking of heartbreak, the hurt and just plain awful things don’t end for Emery just yet. While looking for the Eternal Flame, Emery does something insane and I don’t know what to think. I understand why it needed to be done and I appreciate his sacrifice, but how will this affect him and the series going forward? I’m so scared for him and just want to protect the cinnamon roll and keep him in my pocket so no one can hurt him anymore.

You're too precious for this world! - 2x15 Tall Tales I'm here for you. You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain. You're too precious for this world! - 2x15 Tall Tales

A couple other characters I love are the O’Shea brothers! They are so much fun to read about—I love it! And while I like Cassidy and Jared as individual characters, I do not ship it. At all. Since the beginning I have been Team Emery, so there was a lot of complaining coming out of me every time the couple got, well, cheesy. Lots of eye rolling, many “ugh stop”s... I just-

And actually, I take back my previous comments about liking Jared just fine. In this book, I actually liked him less and less as the book went on. This whole Luminous business is definitely changing him, and I don’t think it’s for the best, unfortunately.

Now Cassidy and Emery’s relationship... so much yes!

"Do want." This GIF is hilarious!

And, okay, Cassidy says it’s strictly platonic, but come on! The little things Emery does and says—I honestly don’t know how Cassidy has not fallen for him. I’m hoping that after the events of this book Cassidy and Emery’s relationship will evolve... hopefully?

puppy_dog_eyes_by_minawara-d5c1q47.jpg (500×500):

Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame was super action-packed and it was amazing! This series honestly has some of the best action sequences I have read! They are very descriptive and amazing and thrilling and very well done! They also get insane and full of emotion all at the same time. Like when their rescue attempt to save all those who were kidnapped ends in a tragedy. A key member of the team is suddenly out in the worst possible way. It was insane and suspenseful and I’m pretty sure that I cried.

And speaking of action scenes, the fights between Cassidy and Lily AKA the Metal Woman were amazing! They were intense! I mean, poor Cassidy just had broken bones and broken everything everywhere! Lily was a great, vicious villain!

Cassidy’s abilities are amazing, as we all know by now, so her broken everything was healed within hours. But seeing as how healing is my most favorite ability ever, I just have to touch upon it a little bit more! I mean, we already know that she has died and come back to tell the tale a couple of times over because of said healing ability, but holy crap! In this particular book, you get to see just how amazing this ability is! It’s very Deadpool-esque and I just love it!

Pool of Dead. .. Wait, what? Okay, Wolverine has 3 claws on each arm. But when he slices deadpool, only one arm-patty flies out. shouldn't there be two?

Actually, I love this world, the characters, the setting... everything! And Elise did such a great job a doing a recap—I always worry when I read a sequel that I won’t remember what happened in the previous book, especially if it’s been a year since I read it! But no need to worry about that with this series, and I seriously appreciate that! Another thing I wanted to mention and have just completely forgotten in my reviews of the previous books, is that I really love how there are adults heavily involved throughout the series! Take Gavin, Emery’s dad, and how involved he is on these missions out in the field. This is not very common in YA, and that is why I love that in this series!

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series! And extra brownie points for mentioning my favorite TV show, Supernatural! Can you tell that I love it? ;)

“Who are you, Cassidy?”
A bitter smirk lifted the corners of my mouth. “I’m Peter Parker.”

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a link to your review or comment below! :)


  1. Yep I am not a fan of Jariddy. Im glad im not the only one that hit my head against the wall every time they had "a moment". #teamemery

    1. OMG YES!! I'm so glad you understand! Team Emery forever!!


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