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Review: The New Girl (Fear Street #1) by R.L. Stine

The New Girl (Fear Street, #1)
Title: The New Girl (Fear Street #1)

Series: Fear Street #1 (Can be read as a standalone)

Author: R.L. Stine

Publication date: August 1989

Published by: Simon Pulse

Source: Own paperback

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Dying for a Kiss

She’s pale as a ghost, blond, and eerily beautiful—and she seems to need him as much as he wants her. Cory Brooks hungers for Anna Corwin’s kisses, drowns in her light blue eyes. He can’t get her out of his mind. And the trouble has only begun: Shadyside High’s star gymnast is losing sleep, skipping practice, and acting weird. All the guys have noticed, but only Cory’s friend Lisa knows the truth: Anna Corwin is dead and living on Fear Street. Now Cory must explore its menacing darkness to discover the truth. He has already been warned: come to Fear Street and you’re dead!

My rating: ★★★★☆

He had to learn her secret—or die trying!

Oh my gods, the first Fear Street book ever and I finally read it!


So, we have Cory who is f*cking insane because after seeing Anna in passing, he pretty much becomes obsessed with her. We’re talking about a 5 second glance, maybe less. Ugh. Anyway, he soon begins to wonder if Anna is even real because she is just so elusive and mysterious. But he just has to find out everything about her because, obsessed.

dramatic eyeroll

I could smell the instalove from miles away... ugh! Cory’s obsession with Anna was insane and so, so annoying!

“I’m falling for her,” Cory repeated to himself. It was the second time he had fallen because of her, the second time he had embarrassed himself in front of a lot of people. Was that true love or what?

Or what, asshole! This is page 28, you are not in love with her! You’ve barely even spoken two words to that ghost of a girl! God, you’re so stupid, Cory! Someone slap a restraining order on that boy!

Anyway, even though I totally hated Cory’s fixation on Anna, I actually found the mystery of Anna and what her deal was quite intriguing. The reveal really caught me off guard! It was really good! Well, not when it was actually revealed ‘cause I had figured out that particular twist ahead of time when Anna finally told her life’s story before they moved to Shadyside—to Fear Street. I thought it was pretty obvious, but very interesting, nonetheless.

Poor Lisa, Cory’s good friend Lisa. I really liked Lisa, and Cory was an idiot who couldn’t see that he had a perfectly good, sane, non-possibly-dead, likable girl right in front of him! He doesn’t deserve you Lisa, you can do better! Lol.

Overall though, I really liked The New Girl and the mystery about the oh-so enigmatic Anna. The book was very suspenseful but a fast read. And the climax was action-packed and so freaking insane! I am so glad to have finally read the very first Fear Street book! It was so fun seeing how it all started!

The Fear Street connection: Anna lives on Fear Street, because of course she does. Lol

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The New Girl (Fear Street, #1) The New Girl (Fear Street, #1)

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