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Bookish Tutorial: Page Corner Monster Bookmarks

Now updated! [Last posted: Nov. 2012]

Hey guys! So, I've been getting lots of compliments and how-to questions about these cute little monster bookmarks, so I decided to write up this tutorial post! I have to warn you, I am artistically challenged and am more than a bit surprised that I actually passed art in high school, lol. So if I can make these, then anyone can!

Okay, I'd like to start off by giving credit where credit is due. I learned to make these on this website, and I am refering back to it as I make this post. This post will explain how I make my bookmarks, but there is also another way which you can find on Tally's website.

My bookmarks are usually always inspired by a book, and the one I will be showing today was inspired by:

Lets get started! The things you will need:

-Pretty, patterned cardstock paper.
-OR a combination of plain cardstock AND pretty, decorated lighter weight paper.
-Mechanical pencil
-Glue stick
-Optional: other decorating tools, such as crayons, markers, stamps, stickers, ink pads, embossing powder, etc.
-And lastly, the following page corner bookmark template (via Tally's Treasury):

I recommend you print this on cardstock... it will just make everything SO much easier!

1. Cut out the shapes from the template.

Oh, don't mind me, I just seem to have misplaced my other eyeball. LOL.

2. Now, you can use the actual shape you cut out for your bookmark, or you can use it as a stencil (as you can see I do, from the wear and tear of my template above). If you are using it as a stencil, just place it on the cardstock paper you are using, trace, and cut out as follows:

3. Next you will use your ruler and mechanical pencil (with NO lead peeking out) to score your bookmark along the edges of the square that connect the triangles. This will make it easier to fold later on:

4. Next, if you are using plain cardstock paper like I am, you can use another type of patterned paper to decorate your bookmark. I'm gonna be using the following as my "patterned paper" to make my bookmark Eve Hallows themed:

Cut out TWO squares (one for the front and one for the back) using the square on your template, as well as one triangle (which you can do by cutting one of the squares in half along the diagonal), and any other decorations you want to use (this is when you pull out the stickers and glitter and markers!!).

5. Glue one of the squares you cut out onto the square portion of your bookmark.

6. Next, fold your triangles over the square so they are covering half of it. Fold one triangle down, put glue on it, then bring the other triangle down. (Remember, glue side up! You don't want to glue the triangles to the square beneath it):

7. Remember that random triangle I cut out earlier on step 4? Well, this is where that triangle comes into play! Glue your patterned triangle onto the plain cardstock triangle we just folded down:

8. Then flip over your almost-complete bookmark and glue the second square we cut out onto the back:

This is also the part where if you want to decorate the back, you can (and also the front if you don't want the complete monster look)!

If you just want a non-monster patterned page corner bookmark, you can stop here! You're done! Decorate as you wish! Here is one of my non-monster bookmarks I made when I was feeling particularly crafty and did a little origami, as well:

9. But if you do want the complete monster look, it's time to add the cute little face! Cut out your teeth and the six circles for the eyes if you haven't done so already:

Tip: I find it easier to color in the iris (the middle circle) and the pupil (the smallest circle) before cutting them out, so that is what I do. Color then cut :)

10. To stick the teeth on your bookmark, you want to add the glue to the very top of the teeth (I've shaded in the part where you are supposed to glue):

After you put the glue on your monster teeth, slip the teeth inside your bookmark. And this is important! Glue side UP! You want the glue to stick on the inside of the triangle, not the square:

11. And lastly, the eyeballs! The first one you glue down should be the big one, the white part of the eyes. On top of that is the iris, or the colored part of the eye (You can use colored cardstock for this OR you can color it whatever color you want. I went with red!). Lastly comes the black pupil.

And, DONE! That's all!

I hope I didn't make this tutorial too hard to understand; It's the very first time I do something like this! So if you have any questions just let me know! Also, I would LOVE to see what you all come up with! So when you are finished with your monster bookmark take a pic and leave me a link here in the comments, Tweet it to me, or tag me on Pinterest!


  1. ohhhhh.. This is so cute. I' am making my own. Thanks for sharing :D


    1. Awesome! I would totally like to see what you come up with! :)


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