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Review: The Crown of Ptolemy (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover #3) by Rick Riordan

The Crown of Ptolemy (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover #3)
Title: The Crown of Ptolemy

Series: Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover #3 | Percy Jackson and the Olympians | The Heroes of Olympus | The Kane Chronicles

Previous novellas in this series: The Son of Sobek (#1) | The Staff of Serapis (#2)

Author: Rick Riordan

Publication date: May 2015

Published by: Disney Hyperion

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In their first encounter, demigod Percy Jackson and magician Carter Kane had to battle a giant crocodile on Long Island. A month later, Annabeth Chase ran into Carter's sister, Sadie, on the A train to Rockaway, where the pair fought a god named Serapis. Now trouble is brewing again, this time on Governor's Island. An ancient Egyptian magician named Setne has come back from the dead and is experimenting with Egyptian and Greek magic, trying to become a god himself. He's so powerful and tricky that all four-Percy, Annabeth, Carter, and Sadie-have to team up against him. But their usual weapons and spells aren't going to cut it this time. Will the heroes be taken down by a wannabe god who looks like Elvis, or will they rise to the challenge?

Told from Percy's point of view, this third demigod-magician crossover story has all of the spunk and action that Rick Riordan fans crave.

My rating: ★★★★★

This whole crossover was so epic that it felt like it could’ve been a whole series on it’s own, it was certainly complex enough. But at the same time, it was SO perfect just as short stories. It makes no sense, I know, but it was just great!

The plot was very interesting--I have never heard this Greek/Egyptian god before nor the magic, so that was very cool to read about. I mean, a god that is both Greek AND Egyptian? Mind = blown! I love mythology of any kind, so this was absolutely perfect for me! I learned something new!

And as always, I loved the characters. It’s been awhile since we last saw Sadie and Carter in The Kane Chronicles, so it was nice to see them again in this. And, of course, Annabeth and Percy! Yay! The interaction between these four was my favorite thing EVER! This last short story was told in the POV of Percy, YAY! While we got to see his POV in the Heroes of Olympus, that is in 3rd person POV while this was in 1st. And I much prefer 1st person POV.

This was so much fun, as always. Crossovers are just great! So if you love any/all of Rick Riordan’s series, I highly recommend you read these short stories! They are amazing!

Some of my favorite quotes:

"Carter!" I shouted.
Nothing happened.
Next to me, pressed against the wall of the old fort, Annabeth peered into the rain, waiting for magical teenagers to fall out of the sky.
"Are you doing it right?" she asked me.
"Gee, I dunno. I'm pretty sure his name is pronounced Carter."
I tapped my palm. "Carter. Hello, Carter. Percy to Carter. Paging Carter Kane. Testing, one, two, three. Is this thing on?"
Still nothing.
The two snakes circled above me like they were too surprised to attack again. Probably they were wondering, Did that guy just fall on his butt on purpose? Should we laugh before we kill him? Would that be mean?
Or maybe my prankster friends the Stoll brothers had written I'M A DEMIGOD on my forehead in permanent marker, and Annabeth had decided not to tell me. That happened occasionally.
"Wow." Setne looked down at the blood on his powder-blue shirt. "Nice job."
"Thanks." I tried to yank out Riptide, but it seemed to be stuck. "So... you can die now, if it's not too much trouble."
Carter nodded. "And if he manages to put the two crowns together--"
"He'll become immortal," Annabeth guessed. "A newly made god. Then he'll start vacuuming up all the Greek and Egyptian magic in the world."
"Also, he stole my sword," I said. "I want it back."
The three of them stared at me.
"What?" I said. "I like my sword."
"It's worth a try," Annabeth said. "Which of you is better with that kind of magic?"
"Sadie," Carter said. "I'm more a combat magician."
"Giant chicken mode," I remembered.
"Dude, my avatar is a falcon-headed warrior."
"I still think you could get a sponsorship deal with KFC. Make some big bucks."
"So what's the plan?" Carter asked. "Maybe a flanking maneuver?"
"Or," Annabeth said, "we could try a diversionary--"
"Charge!" Sadie barreled into the clearing, her staff in one hand and her Greek scroll in the other.
I glanced at Annabeth. "Your new friend is awesome."
Then I followed Sadie.
"Souvenirs?" I said. "You want immortality so you can sell T-shirts?"
"And snow globes!" Setne got a dreamy look in his eyes. "I love snow globes."

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a link to your review or comment below! :)

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