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Review: Can You Keep a Secret? (Fear Street Relaunch #4) by R.L. Stine

Can You Keep a Secret? (Fear Street Relaunch, #4)
Title: Can You Keep a Secret?

Series: Fear Street Relaunch #4

Previous books in the relaunch: Party Games (#1) | Don't Stay Up Late (#2) | The Lost Girl (#3) (can be read as standalones)

Author: R.L. Stine

Publication date: April 2016

Published by: St. Martin's Griffin

Source: For review from publishers via Netgalley

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How many nightmares begin in the Fear Street Woods?

Eddie and Emma are high school sweethearts from the wrong side of the tracks. Looking for an escape from their dreary lives, they embark on an overnight camping trip with four friends in the Fear Street Woods.

As Eddie carves a heart in a tree, he and Emma make a shocking discovery. It’s a discovery that will lead to the end of friendships—and to murder.

Meanwhile, Emmy is having strange, terrifying dreams about wolves. Are her dreams connected somehow to the real wolf attacks that plague the town of Shadyside?

Emmy, it seems, is about to make a horrifying discovery about herself…

My rating: ★★★★☆

So Can You Keep a Secret? had two sort of intertwined storylines going on at once: First, we got the discovery of a briefcase full of money that was hidden in the Fear Street Woods. Then we have Emma and her strange dreams starring wolves. Also, people around town are turning up dead, being mauled by an animal. A wolf maybe? Coincidence? Who know, but Emma is totally freaked out!

I thought the multiple mysteries in this book were very intriguing--the plot twist with the briefcase and who initially stole and hid it was very shocking! I never saw it coming. And then who stole the stolen money... again... insane! And the mystery behind the maulings was also pretty good.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the book (as seems to be the trend with the relaunch), but overall I really liked it! The plot twists really got me even though I didn’t really care for the... thing behind the maulings. I liked that it had a supernatural touch to it, but I just don't care for this particular supernatural creature, to be honest. But yeah, this is definitely one of the good books in the Fear Street Relaunch!

The Fear Street connection: Another book that has many scenes in the Fear Street Woods. Just a bunch of idiot teenagers planning a camping trip in said woods only to find a briefcase full of many that will bring them nothing but trouble. Seriously, stay out of the woods, kids!

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