Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Post #137: Bookish Shirts and More Supernatural Nail Polish!

Welcome to The Sunday Post hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where I talk about what is going on in life and the blog, and show you all the bookish things I got that week!

What I've been doing:

I got some things from Hot Topic this week! That place is seriously dangerous for me lol. First up:

A cute Gohan backpack hanger and, oh my gods, that Vegeta figurine! 💗 Okay, the first one I actually got from Target. But Target doesn't have these Dragon Balls anymore so I got another batch from Hot Topic, which I only just discovered they carried online! Between my brothers and I, we have the 2 through the 6 star Dragon Balls, so we only need two! And while I have the cute little Gohan one on my key chain, I desperately need a Vegeta one! He is my absolute favorite! Oh, we also need Piccolo (which one of my brothers really wants), but besides that, we've pretty much collected them all!

Up next, some Supernatural pants and a water bottle, oh yeah 😉 I also got a very special nail polish I was very excited to get! You can see that below...

Last, some bookish t-shirts! And okay, the TMI one is more a TV show shirt, but it's fine. It's still a rune 😉

I also got some chokers, but I didn't take a pic because... idk lol. Look, it's getting late and I want to get this post up before Sunday is over

What I've been watching:

Sharknado week, anyone?


That's right, I totally watched a ton of bad SyFy shark movies this week, and I enjoyed every single bit of it! Sharknado 5 came out today, but I have yet to see it because I actually just got home from a family gathering. But I will definitely be catching up tomorrow since it's my day off! Yay!

I also got these ^^^ from the library. And while I haven't started them yet, I am very excited to do so! I love this series and ever since I read the books I recently found, I have been dying to rewatch the show!

What I've been listening to:

Same podcasts I've mentioned before PLUS I found a new one! And you bet it's R.L. Stine related! He actually writes the stories and then they are narrated! There are only a handful of stories and they each run at about 15 minutes. I've listened to the 1st one so far and I really liked it! It had a classic R.L. Stine plot twist!

R.L. Stine's Rainy Night Theater

Nail art polish of the week:

That's right, I got another Supernatural nail polish!! I was so excited when this came back in stock, I immediately bought it! Eeeep!!

Regular SPN polish vs with added holo top coat

I also got these:

They're all holo, of course, and the bottom two are holo toppers. And they came in a holo bubble mailer!!


Reviews posted this week:

Texas Gothic (Goodnight Family #1) Spirit and Dust (Goodnight Family #2) The Prom Queen (Fear Street, #15)

Other Posts:

Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2017

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Book Haul


Fairy Eyeglasses (Fairy Senses Book 1) by [Sorensen, Emily Martha]

[Click the image to take you to the Amazon page! But check the price first to make sure it's still free!]


Ball Gowns and Blood Stains

I got this freebie for subscribing to the author's newsletter, which I already was anyway, so this was awesome! I'm actually thinking about reading this next because it sounds very interesting!

Library Loot:

I am reading this one for a monthly read in a Goodreads group I am part in: Fantasy and YA Addicted Book Club. Come join us!

How was your guy's week? Get any bookish things? Let me know in the comments below or leave me a link to your post!

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