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Review: Ball Gowns and Blood Stains by Dorothy Dreyer

Ball Gowns and Blood Stains
Title: Ball Gowns and Blood Stains

Author: Dorothy Dreyer

Publication date: August 2017

Published by: Dorothy Dreyer

Source: Freebie

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It isn’t easy being Lucifer’s daughter, especially when you’ve got a twin brother who’s constantly stealing your thunder. Building an army for their father, Jessie and Jordan move to a new school to collect the damned. Jessie knew her brother would do whatever he could to usurp her efforts, but what she didn’t count on was running into Eli. Jessie’s had her share of human boys and usually tossed them aside when her job was done, but something about Eli haunts her. Something about him makes her want to be good.

When her father demands to have Eli’s soul—an act that Jordan would be more than happy to execute—Jessie must decide between killing Eli and saving him. But no matter what she decides, she’s damned either way.

My rating: ★★★★☆

Ball Gowns and Blood Stains was a nice and short read. I absolutely loved the premise of twin kids of Lucifer killing and collecting souls to build their armies to run their own circles of hell. Just—so much yes! But then Jessie meets the cute boy from school, Eli, and things change for her. She is so confused by the world Eli has opened up to her vs. the world she was lived in and grown up in her whole life.

Speaking of Eli, he was the sweetest guy ever! I really liked him! And then the brother-sister relationship between Jessie and Jordan, it was very... interesting. One point in the story, Jordan did something to piss Jessie off, and she said she was going to think up ways of torturing him. Except with these two, I think she meant it literally! Which is to be expected from the spawn of the devil, honestly. Lol. They were also so nonchalant about their kills, which seeing as how they’re basically demons, it makes sense. I actually really loved how messed up this was! Lol.

It seems [Jordan’s] got a fetish for killing girls all made up pretty in fancy dresses. Ball gowns and blood stains. How poetic.

I really loved how badass Jessie was... in the beginning anyway. However, there was one scene where Jessie steps up her game in the killing department, because this is obviously a competition for the twins, but we get told what happens not shown! It sounded so amazing I wish we would’ve gotten to see it! But I do get why it was told the way it was.

The ending I did not see coming, I have to admit. It was an interesting twist, though I also have to admit that I was not the biggest fan of it because I feel like it was such a deus ex machina moment. But overall, I have to say that I really enjoyed this short story and this amazing world the author has created!

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