Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Post #141: Why Netflix, WHY?!

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What I've been doing:

So I just got back from a birthday party/family gathering, and it was pretty fun. The only downside was that the party was outside, and there is currently a fire going on about an hour away from us (or so I heard), so it's incredibly smoky which makes it feel super suffocating with this heat going on. Plus, it was raining ashes! I mean, not terribly, but it was definitely noticeable. So, uh, yeah. But besides that, nothing much has been going on.

Wait, I lied! Something else did happened... My trusty ol' Kindle finally gave out! 😭 So I immediately bought a replacement and even paid a ridiculous amount of $$$ for 1-day shipping... seriously you do not want to know. Lol.

I had the Kindle Keyboard for about 6 years. The new one I got is the Paperwhite, and so far, I really love it! I love that it's backlit so that I can read in the dark. I also love that it's touchscreen and that you can connect it to your Goodreads account! It is so cool! I cannot stop playing with it! Funnily enough, I have yet to read my first book on it 😆

What I've been watching:

Goddammit, Netflix. I did it. After much hesitation, I finally watched this piece of crap:

Netflix's Death Note

I didn't have high hopes for this going in, but OH MY GODS it worse than I thought! 😭 Last year I saw the original anime (with English subtitles) and I totally fell in love with it! But this movie... Ugh! I don't even know what I was expecting. It was Dragon Ball Evolution all over again! 😭 And okay, there's actually was one thing I liked about this movie: William Dafoe's performance as Ryuk! I mean, the characterization was off (which was not his fault), but he was great! I really loved it!

Anyway, to get this awful taste out of my mouth (and brain), I think I'm gonna go back and rewatch the anime, this time the English dub.


Posted this week:

Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2017

I didn't post much this week because... well, I have no good excuse. I guess I just needed a little break from this blogging thing 😉

Book Haul


I actually got these last week when I went to our local used books store, but I totally forgot to talk about them, lol. Vampire Academy is one series I have yet to finish, so hopefully now that I own these two it will motivate me to get it done! Lol. Also, the books are in really great condition, so yay!

Spartan Frost (Mythos Academy, #4.5)

I also got this wonderful novella! Yes I have already read it. I actually got an e-arc back when it was first released, but this week when I was going through my Amazon account looking through all my ebooks, I decided to delete all my old ARCs that I have already read. So I obviously had to get it again 😉 This is one of my favorite series, after all.

For Review:

Masked (Superheroes UnderCover, #1)

Thanks so much Limitless Publishing!

How was your guy's week? Get any bookish things? Let me know in the comments below or leave me a link to your post!


  1. I loved the Mythos books. I was recently thinking about them, because I featured the series on my TTT boarding school books list. I have been wanting to read more of Estep's other books too. I am waiting for my Paperwhite to break, because I really want that Oasis. =) Glad to hear you are enjoying your new Kindle.

    1. Mythos Academy is one of my favorite series! I just love everything Jennifer Estep writes!


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