Monday, July 16, 2018

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #122: I Love This Assassin

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at Book Date and Unleashing Reads.

What I finished reading this past week:

Nothing.. I'm reading some pretty lengthy books this week. Lol.

Currently reading:

Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel By a Thread (Elemental Assassin, #6)

I feel like I trudged through the beginning of Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel because it was a literal retelling of the movie, which I LOVE. But I don't see the point of this retelling. I'm finally at the sequel part of the book though! Lol

Now one book I'm really enjoying is this Elemental Assassin book! I adore Gin Blanco! She is awesome! She's an assassin with a heart 💜 lol

Up next:

I'm not sure yet... I guess we'll see what I'm in the mood for. Lol. Maybe more Gin Blanco!

What are you reading this week?


  1. Ooo I didn't realize there was a Hocus Pocus book (with a sequel)! I'm not sure how willing I'd be to go through a retelling of the original story, but the sequel sounds great! Happy reading!

    1. Girl, I recommend you skip the beginning with the retelling altogether! It is literally the movie, scene by scene. Just watch the movie and go for the second part of the book, the part I was really interested in, the sequel! Lol

    2. Haha I might just do that, thanks!


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