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Review: Revenge of the Cheerleaders (Pullman High #3) by Janette Rallison

Revenge of the Cheerleaders (Pullman High #3)
Title: Revenge of the Cheerleaders

Series: Pullman High #3 (Can be read as a standalone)

Previous books in this series: Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards (#1), All's Fair in Love, War, and High School (#2)

Author: Janette Rallison

Publication date: December 2016

Published by: Janette Rallison

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Who says cheerleaders have to be nice?

Chelsea's school year has taken a turn for the worse. After being dumped by her boyfriend and humiliated at the pep assembly by her younger sister's boyfriend, Rick, she's just concentrating on avoiding any other major embarrassments.

That's when Rick and his band debut their new album, complete with a whole set of songs bashing cheerleaders. Chelsea's humiliation has reached a whole new level now that everyone is walking down the halls singing the words to "Dangerously Blonde."

It's time to make Rick pay. All he wants is to win the High School Idol audition, so he can be on his way to rock star fame and fortune. But with the help of her best friends, Aubrie and Samantha, Chelsea is going to steal his victory right out from under him.

My rating: ★★★★☆

Revenge of the Cheerleaders spotlights Sam’s (from previous book All's Fair in Love, War, and High School) best friend, Chelsea! She made appearances in the last two books, but now she gets her own story! So, basically, Chelsea’s younger sister’s boyfriend humiliated her in front of the whole school and now Chelsea is seeking out revenge, as the title suggests. Lol. Amongst all that, Chelsea meets a cute guy, Tanner, at a costume party. She really likes the guy and they start dating, but then she finds out something...

lol - 6x17 My heart Will Go On

There was this little plot twist, that I actually guessed very early one, but I really appreciated that twist because it sure made things interesting. Lol.

Sibling rivalry! Lots of that going around. It was all crazy—with Chelsea and her sister Adrian, and then her boyfriend Rick and his sibling... all insane! Rick and Adrian were little punks. But at the end they had a very heartfelt moment with their respective siblings. It was very sweet.

Speaking of sweet, Tanner was a really nice, sweet guy. I did feel like he was a bit more mature than the other two guys in the previous books, which is not a bad thing! I loved him! I loved him and Chelsea together! Janette Rallison is just amazing at writing these swoon-worthy descriptions!


Logan and Sam update (from All's Fair in Love, War, and High School): they’re still together! Yay! The couple of cameos they made in this book—they were just really cute!

Revenge of the Cheerleaders was a lot of fun and very funny! It was a short, sweet read with characters and a world I love. I really enjoyed this series and I just love Janette’s contemporary books in general! I am really looking forward to reading more of them!

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