Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bookshelf Tour!

Back in March I got a couple of new bookcases for my books, and I touched on that a little bit in a Sunday Post. But today I thought I’d give you guys a tour of my brand new (but not really because it's been like 4 months lol) bookshelves!


First, here are some before shots of the living conditions of my poor books:

As you can see, my main bookcases were filled to the max! Just stacks upon stacks, my Cassie Clare books just stacked on top of the smaller bookcase.

Luckily I have a bookcase headboard and you bet I filled that up too! In fact, my Rick Riordan and R.L. Stine books were just about to run out of space too and I had to stack them on top of the headboard as well! Lol.

But even with a bookcase headboard, it was still not enough. Here I have some more stacks of books I got on a Black Friday sale that just didn’t fit anywhere. Yeah, those books were on that small table for about FOUR months! Lol. But I finally decided that I really needed more space. I was obviously not going to get rid of any of my precious books. Pffft. Lol. So I bought two Ikea bookcases and I built them myself... all without breaking a single nail! (Although I did smash my finger with the hammer once, lol).

...and After!

I was so happy with them! I am absolutely in love! And what is that I see? Is that... SPACE for more books?! *gasp*

So here is a little tour of all my bookshelves because I don’t actually have them organized in any order that would make sense to others. It only makes sense to me... sometimes. Lol. And the books have only shifted a tiny bit since I originally took this top picture. I mean, I had to buy more books to fill the spaces, obviously. Lol.

So on top of the bookcases I’ve displayed my tallest books which are these two Percy Jackson books and another mythology book. I also have a cute EMF planter I got in a Supernatural subscription box (my fave show), an awesome swirling glitter Halloween candle I got from Shopko last year, a couple of real candles from Bath & Body Works I haven’t gotten to yet (Midnight Citrus and Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit smell amazing! They are my favorite!), some more items from my Supernatural box, and a tiny First Aid kit in the back there.

On the first shelf I have all of my Rick Riordan books, including the first book from his new imprint, Rick Riordan Presents, Aru Shah! Obviously some rearranging is gonna have to happen because no more Rick Riordan books are gonna fit here. Lol. I also have some Dragon Ball figurines decorating this shelf: Vegeta and Bulma, plus this awesome 4 star Dragon Ball paperweight I got from Hot Topic!

This shelf has all of my signed books! And, okay, not all of them are signed. For example, In the Mythos Academy series, only my ARC of Killer Frost is signed, but I obviously have to keep the series together. This shelf has series that are all in hardcover or paperback. At the end there with my Kim Harrington books is where the series will start to have a mix of hardcovers and paperbacks in the same series. This shelf is decorated with more Dragon Ball stuff because I just love that show! I got a Super Saiyan Goku and a cute little Gohan keychain with the 4 star Dragon Ball he came in.

Here are more of my signed copies and, again, they’re not all signed. Mostly it’s only one or two books in the series that are signed. And on this one I placed this cool Guts glow-in-the-dark thing I got in a Nick subscription box! I used to watch that show all the time when I was a kid!

The majority, if not all, of these books aren’t signed. Here I have put the series that are mostly comprised of hardcovers. Plus a Dean Winchester to accompany them all! (Also from the Supernatural subscription box).

More series/books by the same author. At the begining I have those with only paperbacks, transition to those that have a mix of hardcovers with paperbacks. Is any of this even making sense? Lol.

The last of my hardcover/paperback series transitioning to hardcovers where I only have one book by that author. Seriously, though, any sense? My process doesn’t make much sense to me. Lol. I’ve actually considered organizing them in alphabetical order because then all my series would be together... but I don’t know. Then my Janette Rallison and C.J. Hill books wouldn’t be together even though they are written by the same author, just under a pen name! And then all my signed books would be scattered... man, I don’t know. I’m weird. Lol. Anyway, that was the bottom shelf of my first bookcase.

On my second bookcase, on the top shelf, I have all of my Cassie Clare/Shadowhunters books with a little Rocket Power skateboard and a hiding Reptar! I love the Rugrats!

Fear Street! My collection is almost complete! All accompanied by Tommy, Arnold, and Catdog... just some of my favorite cartoons growing up.

More Fear Street! Plus non-Fear Street R.L. Stine books with my Stick Stickly, Okiku (a doll hand-crocheted by the author of The Girl in the Well!), and my cute Book Outlet bear! Also a Hey Arnold! wallet. (Born: Yes. LOL.)

All my standalone hardcovers with some Rugrats coasters.

All my single paperbacks with a random series thrown in because I just got it and the space that was there was just perfect for it! Lol. TMNT melting popsicle also from the Nick subscription box.

Here are the last of my single paperbacks with my Greek mythology graphic novel set. Legends of the Hidden Temple was one of my absolute favorite TV shows on Nick when I was kid, so I absolutely love these figurines! And the was the last shelf on my second bookcase!

Lastly, here is my third, smaller bookcase:

All my giveaway books and my little collection of mythology books... I love mythology, okay? Lol

And last, FINALLY, all of my super, duper expensive nursing books. Yep, I had to read all of that during my two years of nursing school. I’m glad that’s over. Lol.

And that’s it. All of my books in their semi-new home! At first I wasn’t quite sure what to do with all the stuff I got in my subscription boxes, but I think I found them a pretty good home, if I do say so myself. Lol.

How do you guys arrange your books? Alphabetically? By color? Some weird way no one but you gets? (Ahem, me lol). Once, I actually did arrange my shelves by color... it lasted long enough for me to take pictures than I rearranged them back. Lol. It looked nice, but having all the series separated drove me insane. Lol. But I'm thinking about rearranging them by alphabetically by author. We'll see!

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