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Review: The Angel of Death (Forensic Mystery #2) by Alane Ferguson

The Angel of Death (Forensic Mysteries, #2)
Title: The Angel of Death

Series: Forensic Mystery #2

Previous book in this series: The Christopher Killer

Author: Alane Ferguson

Publication date: February 2008

Published by: Puffin

Source: Borrowed from library

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As assistant to her father, the county coroner of Silverton, Colorado, Cameryn Mahoney has seen more gore than the average seventeen-yearold. But even Cameryn is shocked when Kyle O'Neil, the most popular guy in school, discovers the gruesome corpse of their English teacher murdered in his own bed. Kyle is drawn to Cameryn, who wonders if she can trust him with the secret she can't tell her father—that her vanished mother is back in her life. As her relationship with Kyle speeds into romance, Cameryn struggles to unravel her teacher's bizarre death—but is she too preoccupied to identify the killer in time?

My rating: ★★★★★

First of all, can I just say: I knew it!! I knew who the killer was this whole time!! Ha! But I wont tell who it is 'cause I'm cool like that ;) or evil...depends how you look at it :P Or maybe I'll be so tempted to mention something that I'll have to throw in some spoilers...who knows?  ;)

Oh I bet you don’t even know what I'm talking about. I should probably start from the beginning, huh? (Am I still rambling, seriously?!)

As we all know (unless you haven’t read The Christopher Killer--awesome book BTW) Cammie’s working for her dad, the county's coroner, as his assistant. Personally, I think this is an awesome job! Would i like to do that? Sure. But I think I'd rather work with patients who are, you know, alive. OMG I'm rambling again! Sorry! lol

So Cammie's next case, unfortunately, involves someone she knows...yet again!

One morning, a teacher from Cammie's school is found dead in his bed. Mr. Oaks was Cammie's English teacher and he was also one of the boy scout leader persons. Who would want to kill him, no one has a clue. he was a great teacher, and person for that matter; he had no enemies. So they start to think that Mr. Oaks was a victim of a random killer. If so, this killer would be practically impossible to catch since the murderer would be a complete stranger, and therefore, would have no connection to Mr. Oaks and the police would not have a lead.

Everyone is trying to figure out how the teacher died, and since it was declared a murder, who killed him. (Did I mention that is brain and eyeballs completely exploded in his skull? He was also totally cooked on the inside, while the outside didn't give anything away! It was insane, gruesome, and totally cool at the same time!) Everyone including Cammie, of course. As she tries to solve this mystery, she gets real close and comfy with Kyle, the boy scout (he is also in the same grade and school as Cammie) who found the teachers body. And it seems like this guy is really into her and vice versa. Unlike me, who hated this guy from the start. But that's probably because I really like Justin ;)

He's just sooo smart and good-looking and just plainly awesome! *sighs* Lili, stop swooning!! Sorry! Now, where was I? Oh, right...

So while dealing with this murder mystery (or should I say Forensic Mystery? Eh, eh ;)), Cammie also has other more complicated things going on in her life. Remember how in the last book Justin had a message for Cammie from her mom? Well, guess what! Hannah......wait for coming to see Cammie!! After so many years and after no one told her that she had a twin sister that died, her mom is finally coming back. But she isn't letting her dad know about this. Why? Payback. Personally think that she should have told, but... *shrugs*

With so much stuff going on in her life, I expected Cammie to snap at any moment. but she didn't. Instead, she repressed her feelings. So much that she changed (personality wise).

There is so much going on with Cammie, I wonder how she's going to deal with it all. And will she ever realize how much Justin cares for her?? I sure hope so. It was a great story!! And all I can say is: cant wait for the next Forensic Mystery!!

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a comment! :)

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