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Review- Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love

Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love
Title: Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love

Series: Lots of 'em ;)

Author: Various authors

Publication date: August 2012

Published by: Running Press Teens

Source: Borrowed from library

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For those who thirst for accounts of paranormal romance, Trisha Telep has compiled some of the most thrilling takes of forbidden love in this collection. First crushes and last rites; dark spells and bright magic; forbidden lovers and enchanted beings -- and always, always the hungry games of desire. Pucker up for a darkly sweet collection of ghosts, shape shifters, fairies, unicorns, vampires, and demons in tales from today's biggest writers of the paranormal persuasion.

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Can I just start off by saying that this was (excruciatingly) long, lol! I thought I was never going to finish it! And I will admit, the only reason I picked up this book was because of Rachel Vincent's story takes place in the Soul Screamers world. And if you care to know, she is one of my favorite authors :)

1. The Assassin's Apprentice by Michelle Zink (3 stars): This was a pretty good story, but nothing that impressed me. It was about this girl seeking revenge on a demon after he killed her parents. She eventually does get what she wants with the help of Apprentice.

2. Errant by Diana Peterfund (2 stars): Apparently this story takes place in the world of the series Killer Unicorns. I have not read that series so I thought it was a bit weird, and, truthfully, I didn't really capture my attention.

3. The Spirit Jar by Karen Mahoney (4 stars): This was one of my favorites! And there is another story about Moth in the book The Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire.

Moth is a vampire and she is on a mission to retrieve a book for her creator. Sounds easy, right? If only it were...

Adam, who appears to be some sort of teleporter, also wants this book. And let the fight begin! lol. In the end they work something out and Moth helps out Adam with releasing his dead girlfriends spirit from a jar (hence the title of the story) this creep-o is in possession of.

4. Lost by Justine Musk (5 stars): This was another of my favorites! Sasha has always been good at finding lost things. But there could be more to it than sheer luck. There is a house that she's always been drawn to, but Sasha has never actually approached the house. There is something about it though...

Then one day, she gathers her courage and walks up to the house and knocks on the door. There she meets Haiden. Haiden seems to have been waiting for Sasha to show up, even though he's a complete stranger to Sasha. he is also able to do some sort of weird kind of...lets call it magic...and he shows Sasha some tricks and claims that Sasha can do the same. There is a bigger destiny for her than just finding lost things. If she only knew...

I'll give you one hint: Greek mythology. I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected twist :) All you have to do to catch my attention is throw a little Greek mythology here and there. I'm a total sucker for that kind of stuff ;) I liked this story so much, i wish there was a continuation!

5. The Spy Who Never Grew Up by Sarah Rees Brennan (3 stars): This one was basically a retelling of Peter Pan...But, he was a spy for the Queen of England. At first I was like, "Peter Pan, seriously? *rolls eyes*" But at the end, I actually liked it :) And the villain, oh my gods, you will not see coming!!

6. Dungeons of Langeais by Becca Fitz Patrick (4 stars): Chauncy once upon a time (no, this is not a fairy tale, lol) made a deal with an angel...a very bad deal with a very bad angel. You see, once a year that angel takes over Chauncy's body and does what ever he likes with it. Yeah, its as terrible as it sounds. Which is why Chauncy cant take it anymore! So he comes up with a plan to get rid of this angel once and for all.

It was a great story...I really liked it! So now I'll have to read the Hush, Hush series because I have not read it yet (I know, shame on me lol).

7. Behind the Red Door by Caitlin Kittredge (3 stars): In this story, a girls walks into a haunted house quite willingly...though I guess you could say it was a dare. Anyway, in the house she meets a, not a boy exactly. A ghost. Oddly enough, she's really starting to like this ghostly guy, only he's not exactly what he seems.

8. Hare Moon by Carrie Ryan (3 stars): See full review here.

9. Familiar by Michelle Rowen (5 stars): See full review here.

10. Fearless by Rachel Vincent (5 estrellas!): oh my gods, this story was why I picked up this book full of short stories in the first place...and I loved it!! Rachel, you are amazing!

So this story takes place in the Soul Screamers world, but waaay before Nash met Kaylee. It actually happens before My Soul To Lose and Reaper. Anyway, the story revolves around Sabine (who I happen to dislike quite a lot, lol), and Nash actually makes a few appearances. But after reading this I kinda feel bad for her...I don't completely like her though, lol.

Sabine is on her way to a halfway house for troubled teenage girls, and when she arrives she notices something is totally off. She is a Mara, a nightmare in the literal sense, and she feeds of the fears of other while they sleep. So being at this house should be a buffet for Sabine! Only its not. And she doesn't have much time to figure out whats going on. Her life literally depends on it.

[See also: My Soul to Take (#1) | My Soul to Save (#2) | My Soul to Keep (#3) | My Soul to Steal (#4) | If I Die (#5)]

11. Vermillion by Daniel Marks (I was stuck between 3 and 4 stars, so I'm giving it a 3.5 even though I really don't give out half stars): First off, I really like ghost stories :) In this one you have a team of ghosts who keep other ghosts in check. There is one ghost who crossed over from Purgatory into the mortal world and is haunting and scaring the crap our of people. Nick (nicknamed Nyx...who is the Greek goddess of night. So I love Greek mythology, sew me :P) and Velvet need to figure out whats going on. But how can they do that when Amie isn't making it easy by hitting on Nick?

And the author has a series in progress that follows Nick and Velvet when they first met...The first book is called Velveteen.

12. The Hounds of Ulster by Maggie Stiefvater (2 stars): This story I didn't really understand. the writing style was was really good though.

Lets see, it was something about two best friends who are musicians. They go on a gig where one of them meets a girl...and something happens??? I'm not sure what, but apparently she takes him away??I really have no idea, but she's some sort of supernatural creature (faerie maybe). I probably have no idea what going on because I haven't read the series, lol. [See Lament]

Oh! And the narrator is a girl!! Just thought you should know because the whole time I was reading I thought it was a guy. So imagine my shock at the end when I find out its a girl. Its very disorienting actually, and I don't know if the author did that on purpose, but it wasn't fun.

13. Many Happy Returns by Daniel Waters (3 stars): There is some phenomena going on where teens who die don't exactly stay dead...they come back as zombies! Pretty weird stuff.

I thought the ending was kinda sad and somewhat confusing =/ But it was a good story. And I actually have the series on my to-read list :) [See Generation Dead]

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a comment! :)

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