Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top 10 of 2012: Best Book Covers of 2012

Pretty self-explanatory ;) If you would like to join the fun, click here!

And here is the schedule for the week:

Monday: Best Books I've Read in 2012
*Tuesday: Best Book Covers of 2012*
Wednesday: Best _____ of 2012 (I'm choosing debuts)
Thursday: Best Book Boyfriends of 2012
Friday: Top 10 Books I'm Looking Forward To In 2013

Here are my top 10 fave covers of 2012 (all of which were released this year and I have read...except for the last gorgeousness...I have yet to read that one):

(Clicking on the pic will take you to the book's Goodreads page. Clicking on the name in the paragraph below will to take you to my review of the book.)

At a glance Croak doesn't seem like anything special, right? WRONG! Although you can't tell in this pic, but  in real life it has a very shiny, reflective cover..I love it! Hallowed and Everneath are just gorgeous! I especially love the smokiness of Everneath.

Incarnate...not only is the book amazing but the cover as well! It has one of the most beautiful covers EVER!  I love the colors and the mask...that is actually a scene in the book! And Entangled and Duplicity are gorgeous as well! The girl on Entangled kinda reminds of Khione (also spelled Chione), the Greek goddess of snow. SO pretty!

The Turning Tides is also stunning! And actually all of the Marina's Tales covers are gorgeous! Undeadly I love because its so pretty yet so dark...I like the combination. Same with Girl of Nightmares. And Heaven Sent is the only one I haven't read yet, but I HAD to include one of the Fallen Angels covers. These are just some of the best covers! The colors, the sexy Guy... *sigh*

Which 2012 book covers were your favorite?


  1. From your list, I love the covers for Hallowed, Everneath, Incarnate and Croak so much!

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog :)

    1. Aren't they awesome?! I love them!

      And thank *you* for stopping by :)


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