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Top 10 of 2014: Best Book Boyfriends of 2014

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Wednesday, December 24th: Best Debuts, Novellas, and NA Books of 2014 (Readers/Bloggers choice)
*Thursday, December 25th: Best Book Boyfriends of 2014*
Friday, December 26th: Top 10 Books I’m looking forward to in 2015

Killer Frost (Mythos Academy, #6) The Dark World (Dark World, #1) Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy, #2) Undercover with the Hottie

Killer Frost: Logan... he is my #1 book boyfriend EVER! I adore him! He is just the sweetest thing ever and just so swoon-worthy! I'm so sad this series is over, but I will be re-reading this series to get my much-needed dose of Logan and Gwen.
The Dark World: Another Logan, hehe. This guy is also very sweet and so funny! I cannot wait to read the second book!
Stone of Destiny: I LOVE Ethan! He is SO sweet! So adorable!
Undercover with the Hottie: Will, well, he's just one of those guys you can't help but love... So charming and adorable!

Falling (Falling Angels Saga, #4) Aqua My Tethered Soul (Reaper's Rite #2)

Falling: I adore Guy!He's a little bit arrogant but so very charming! Love him!
Aqua: Tristan is so sweet and caring and protective and *swoon* 'Nuff said ;)
My Tethered Soul: Although cheesy at times, Gavin and Zadie are super adorable together! I love him!

Call Me Grim Fate's Exchange (Twisted Fate, #1) Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper #1)

Call Me Grim: Aaron was very sweet and a huge goofball and there is only one way I can describe him...

You're too precious for this world! - 2x15 Tall TalesI'm here for you. You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain. You're too precious for this world! - 2x15 Tall Tales

Fate's Exchange: David is another sweet one I liked from the start!
Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper: Jacob is so cool and funny! I really like him!


I want to know who which book boyfriends you fell for this year! Let me know in the comments or leave me a link to your post!

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  1. Oh dear, I haven't read any of those books!! O_o Clearly I need to mean some of those guys!


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