Saturday, January 28, 2017

Literary Nails!

In the past, I've done bookish nail art inspired by one particular book/series, but today I present you with nail art inspired by books themselves!

And no, this is not freehand. I'm not that artistic ;) I cheated by using the following stamping plate which I was very excited to discover!

Image from MoYou London

I adore this plate! It has so many variations of books and a bookshelf and writing! I just...

So excite!

I love it so much!! And they have many other super cute plates in this Scholar Collection!

I actually did this look twice because I wasn't quite sure I liked the color combination of the first one.

Look #1:

Now, the reason why I decided to redo this was because I thought the holo background was too overpowering... says the girl who is obsessed with all things holo. Lol.

And here are the polishes I used:

Base Coat: UNT - Ready for Takeoff (Peel Off Base Coat)
Silver Holographic Base Color: Polished for Days - I Love You Snow Much!
Purple Accent Color: Picture Polish - Orchid
Black Stamping Polish: PUEEN - 805 Black Jack
Top Coat: Superchic Lacquer - Marvel Liquid Macro

Look #2:

I really liked this one much better! I love the purple!

And the polishes I used:

I used pretty much the same polishes as above, except I decided to swap out Polished for Days - I Love You Snow Much! for Jubilee by Cupcake Polish as my accent color. I used Orchid as my base color in this one.

Look #2.5:

I just wanted to see what it would look like simplified ;) For this one, again, I used Orchid, but then I used a white stamping polish: PUEEN - 806 Pure White.

If you're wondering what book I featured, it was...

Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Why this one? No particular reason. It was just the closest one while I was taking the pictures ;)
(But this is actually the sequel to the book I'm reading now!)

So there it is! I hope you enjoyed my literal literary nails! And if you are wondering about stamping
('cause I didn't talk about it), let me just refer you to one of my favorite nail artists on YouTube: Twi_Star! And if you have any ideas for any bookish nail art, I am open to suggestions!


  1. Soooooo cute!!!

    And how do you like the peel off base coat? I haven't tried one before, because I'm afraid that if it chips, the whole thing will just peel off.

    1. I've used it for a while now, but I have to be honest and say that I still struggle with it staying on for more than a couple of days. Granted, peel-off base coats will come off much quicker than regular base coats, only lasting about a week. This isn't a big deal for me because I change my manis so frequently. A trick I found that makes your manis last longer when using peel off base coats is to clean your nails with rubbing alcohol before applying the base coat. You may also get wear on the tips of your nails like with regular base coats, but that wont necessarily cause the whole thing to pop off. In my opinion, I love this peel off stuff because it makes taking off nail polish SO easy! Especially glitter polish!

  2. I ADORE these! And I agree that the Look #2 works better. So fun!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. I love purple and love the idea of bookish nails :) Thank you for showing them to us!


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