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Review: How to Protect Your Neighborhood from Circus Werewolves (Slug Pie Story #4) by Mick Bogerman

How to Protect Your Neighborhood from Circus Werewolves (Slug Pie Story, #4)
Title: How to Protect Your Neighborhood from Circus Werewolves

Series: Slug Pie Story #4

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Author: Mick Bogerman

Publication date: September 2016

Published by: Slug Pie Stories, LLC

Source: Paperback for review from publishers

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The circus is in town, and Mick Bogerman has a fail-proof plan to sneak inside the adults-only Macabre Pavilion. But there’s something weird about the A. Linville & Purnima Bros. Circus this year. Angry parents and crying kids exit early by the carload. Maybe it’s the clowns. Yes, they wear the standard stark-white faces and red bulbous noses, but underneath their painted smiles, there’s something not quite right. What's more, after the full moon rises . . . they howl.

When Mick and his friends rescue a caged boy from the clown’s clutches they set off a series of disasters that threaten their entire neighborhood. Can Mick become the leader his neighbors need and protect them from the pack of hungry predators infiltrating their town?

My rating: ★★★★☆

Man, I am really loving this series! It’s just so exciting and fun! And seeing as how we’re dealing with kids in a super dangerous situation, it’s also kind of insane (but in a good way)! I honestly cannot believe they went up against these crazy werewolves. It was dangerous AF, but they somehow managed to work together and take them on to save one of their own.

The thing is, the Bogerman brothers are really street smart! Finely in particular shone in this one, in my opinion. He really showed that he could be a great leader. I’m so proud :’)

You're too precious for this world! - 2x15 Tall Tales

We also got a little more insight into the ever-elusive Uncle George. Something I very much enjoyed since he was always an enigma to me. And boy do we get quite a surprise. You will never guess...

But he was not the only interesting character in this book. That’s what I love about this series--all the diverse characters, each unique in their own way with something to bring to the table. Take Booger Face, his little talent will come in real handy ;)

Let’s talk about the werewolves for a bit, ‘cause I loved the mythos on them! How someone can turn into a werewolf, and how they are affected by the full moon, it was very creative and interesting! They also talked about two different kinds of werewolves, and I just loved the reasoning behind how they were intertwined. This was definitely on of my favorite aspects of the book!

How to Protect Your Neighborhood from Circus Werewolves was a quick, easy read with a ton of action and humor right from the start! Definitely felt like this one had higher stakes, which made it that much more interesting. Young readers will love this!

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a link to your review or comment below! :)

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