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Review: The Dead Lifeguard (Fear Street Super Chiller #6) by R.L. Stine

The Dead Lifeguard (Fear Street Super Chiller, #6)
Title: The Dead Lifeguard

Series: Fear Street Super Chiller #6 (Can be read as a standalone)

Author: R.L. Stine

Publication date: June 1991

Published by: Pocket Books/Simon Pulse

Source: Own paperback

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In too deep...

The lifeguards at North Beach Country Club know they’re lucky. While other kids are flipping burgers, they’re sunning themselves by day and partying by night. So what if some people say the place is cursed, haunted. This is the life!

And then, one by one, the lifeguards start to die horrible deaths. Someone—or something—evil is stalking them. They all know how to save other people’s lives... but who will save theirs?

My rating: ★★★★☆

No one can save her now.

Lindsay is back at North Beach Country Club for another year of lifeguarding. But someone is killing off the lifeguards—is it one of them? And weird things are happening to Lindsey on top of this. Is the place haunted? Are there ghosts here? Is she the ghost?! OMG!

So there were two sort of mysteries going on at the same time, that may or may not actually be connected. This first is obviously the murder mystery, and the second is the weird things that are happening to Lindsey, which I can’t go into too much because of spoilers. But what I can say is that I found all this very intriguing! I would’ve never guessed the outcomes and I really liked that! You know how much I like being surprised by the reveals! At first, I was kind of iffy about the Lindsay reveal, but the more I read about it, the more I was okay with it. It was insane, but interesting!

There were also a lot of interesting characters, some more insane than others (Arnie was a f*cking creep!), but overall, I enjoyed all the different characters. As most Fear Street books, this one was very suspenseful and it actually had some pretty graphic/horrifying scenes... I loved it!! And even though this book doesn’t take place on Fear Street, I really enjoyed the setting in the country club! Plus Lindsay had a couple of outings, so we weren’t there the whole time. Overall, a really enjoyable, fun read!

The Fear Street connection: Lindsay lives on Fear Street.

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  1. Are there ghosts here? Is she the ghost?! OMG! - love it! And that gif! LOVE!

  2. I've never read a Fear Street book before... but I'm intrigued! Great review of this one.


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