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Review: Roses Are Red; He's Dead (The Mellow Summers Series #9) by Janet McNulty

Roses Are Red; He's Dead
Title: Roses Are Red; He's Dead

Series: The Mellow Summers Series #9

Previous books in this series: Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice (#1) | Frogs, Snails, And A Lot Of Wails (#2) | An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away (#3) | Three Little Ghosts (#4) | Oh Holy Ghost (#5) | Where Trouble Roams (#6) | Two Ghosts Haunt A Grove (#7) | Trick Or Treat Or Murder? (#8)

Author: Janet McNulty

Publication date: February 2015

Published by: Janet McNulty

Source: Owned e-book

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Mel and Greg are on a romantic getaway when murder falls into their laps.

While spending time at an exclusive resort, Mel discovers a body, except when she tries to tell someone, it disappears. Soon the same body appears wherever she goes, and the other tourists, including Greg, believe that she has imagined the entire affair.

Can Mel solve the mystery before she, too, believes she has lost her mind?

My rating: ★★★★☆

In this little adventure Mel and Greg go on a very romantic, and I cannot tell you how excited I was! Lately, Greg hasn't been around all that much and I was so glad to finally get more Greg in this one. Yay! He is so sweet and such a gentlemen... I just love him!

But things weren't all fun and romantic for them 'cause Mel just can't catch a break! There Mel is, having a blast with Greg when BOOM! A dead body pops in out of nowhere. Mel turns away for just a second to get some help when BAM! The body is gone. At first she's not sure of what she saw, especially since no one believes her. But when the body appears again (and with a ghost this time), she knows she's got a murder on her hands. Not like she has a choice since the stubborn ghost wont leave her alone. He wants her, specifically her, to solve his murder. Mel reluctantly agrees, even though, again, no one believes her. Poor Mel, she's on a crazy chase for a murderer while trying to balance the romantic trip with Greg (that doesn't seem to be according to his plans AT ALL)... will Mel ever catch a break, or the murderer?

The murder mystery itself was kinda meh, though the end, finding out who killed him really took me by surprise. Again, like in Where Trouble Roams, the change of scenery was nice, but I really missed the town and all of Mel's other friends! But I did love the romantic air to it.

Overall, I loved it! It was lots of fun! I am super in love with this series! The only downside is that I'm all caught up with the series after binge reading the whole thing! That means I'm gonna have to wait for the next one like everyone else D: I cannot wait for more Mellow Summers!

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a link to your review or comment below! :)

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