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DNF Review: Fools Crow by James Welch

Fools Crow
Title: Fools Crow

Author: James Welch

Publication date: November 1987

Published by: Penguin Books

Source: School book

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Set in Montana shortly after the Civil War, this novel tells of White Man's Dog (later known as Fools Crow so called after he killed the chief of the Crows during a raid), a young Blackfeet Indian on the verge of manhood, and his band, known as the Lone Eaters. The invasion of white society threatens to change their traditional way of life, and they must choose to fight or assimilate.

The story is a powerful portrait of a fading way of life. The story culminates with the historic Marias Massacre of 1870, in which the U.S. Cavalry mistakenly killed a friendly band of Blackfeet, consisting mostly of non-combatants.

My rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

My first DNF review! Let's get to it...

So I had to read this for my myth and symbolism class... and what it had to do with what we were talking about, I have no idea.

My initial thoughts about the book: Ugh, this is going to be boring.

Sleepy Dean :) - 7x21 Reading is Fundamental

My thoughts after reading book: Wow! This is still boring -_- LOL

It's just not my type of book. First off, it's not YA (my favorite), there's nothing paranormal about it (unless you count some bird talking to the guy, lol), and it was hella boring! It didn't capture my attention at all, so I struggled through it. Sometimes I would skim through it, not even really reading it, especially toward the end (but that was because I was running out of time. 2 minutes before our quiz, I was still trying to finish the ending, LOL).

Okay, so what was this book about? Well, I'm not entirely sure, lol. It was about an Indian tribe. There was this guy, he had a really weird name...something like White Man's Dog. Later, it was changed to Fools Crow. He goes on these quests/journeys, and I guess it was all about growing up into a man. There were also English settlers, trying to take over their land. The Indians were like, "Hell no!" so they stole horses from the white people. They killed some white people too. And the smallpox epidemic which they called something like “white scab disease” (truthfully, I don't remember, lol).

So Fools Crow becomes man, gets married with... Red Paint? Yeah, I think that was her name (Sorry for not remembering the names, but they're just odd and some are long! For example: Kills-Near-The-Lake, Fools Crow's father's 3rd wife). They had a child and named him Sleep-bringer, and I don't know why/how, but that means butterfly.

And then there's something about this guy, Fast Horse. On the 1st journey things go wrong and everyone blames him so he ditches his clan/tribe and joins this gang-type of thing where they steal from and kill white people. Crazy stuff. Fools Crow tries to get him to come back but Fast Horse was like, "Pfft, you wish."

And I skimmed the end so I'm not sure what happened. There was something about smallpox infecting everyone from the tribe, and them wanting the vaccine, and signing some peace treaty or somethin'.

As you can see, I was not into this book. But since we had a quiz on it, well, I kinda had to read it (I got an A by the way :D How? I’ve got no f*cking clue LOL). Would I read it again? Hell no. Do I recommend it to anyone? Not really. Unless you have to read it for school...or like historical fiction type books about Indian tribes and what not.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If not, what do you think? Does it sound like something you might want to read? Leave me a link to your review or comment below! :)

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