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Review: Cheerleaders (Fear Street Collector's Editions #12) by R.L. Stine

Cheerleaders (Fear Street Collector's Edition, #12)
Title: Cheerleaders

Series: Fear Street | Fear Street Collector's Editions

Books in this omnibus: The First Evil | The Second Evil | The Third Evil

Author: R.L. Stine

Publication date: December 1998

Published by: Archway Paperback

Source: Own paperback

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The First Evil: The Shadyside cheerleaders accidentally release an ancient evil spirit from the Fear Street cemetery.

The Second Evil: Just when the cheerleaders thought they had stopped the evil, the murders begin...again

The Third Evil: Cheerleader Corky Corcoran holds the key to destroying the ancient evil forever -- unless the spirit destroys her first.

My rating: ★★★★☆

Give me a K-I-L-L! Wait... Wrong book 😉

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The First Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders, #1)
The First Evil

Bobbi and Corky Corcoran have just moved to Shadyside and are looking to join the cheerleading squad. After some issues, the Corcoran sisters join the team, much to the dismay of the other girls. One day, they are on the bus heading off to perform somewhere when they are in an accident, which happens at Fear Street Cemetery, no less! Then, as expected, strange things start happening... accidents. Someone or something is out to get the cheerleaders!

So, I have never read the Fear Street Cheerleaders series, but I did sort of know about this evil spirit that haunts the cheerleaders. However, I didn’t know who it actually was, so that was nice. But then as I started reading and we came up to where the girls are involved in an accident, I thought it was gonna be super obvious who this said spirit actually was. But I was wrong! There’s more to the mystery of the evil spirit, Sarah Fear, and her death, which I found quite interesting. I did, however, guess way ahead of time who was possessed by the evil spirit. Totally obvious, in my opinion.

The mystery in this book was okay, but for the most part I had figured things out way ahead of time. But that definitely did not deter my enjoyment of the book! I am really looking forward to finding out more about this evil spirit and Sarah Fear!


The Second Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders, #2)
The Second Evil

One thing I love about this series is the whole mythos behind Fear Street and the Fear family! In this book, the cheerleaders visit the old burned down Fear mansion and practically have a seance in there! We also meet a new character, Sarah Beth Plummer, who helps shed some light on what happened all those years ago with Sarah Fear and the evil spirit that inhabited her. And even better, we get to meet an actual Fear in this book! A descendant of Sarah Fear herself! That was pretty cool.

The Second Evil was another fun and suspenseful addition to the wonderful Fear Street series. The evil spirit was back and we got to learn a bit more about it! I actually had no idea who it was possessing throughout most of the book, so it was fun guessing and then being surprised in the end. Overall, I really enjoyed this read!


The Third Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders, #3)
The Third Evil

The evil spirit is back once again! This time around, the evil spirit possess someone I never would have guessed! I was so surprised to find out who it was in this time. But it was very interesting see it in this perspective and see the internal struggle between host and evil spirit. However, there was one different thing that happened in this book that I didn’t really understand: this time the evil spirit actually let the host remember the things they did while being possessed. It was very strange because in the previous book, Kimmy did not remember at all being possessed, but maybe the spirit is growing weaker as time goes on...?

As always, I absolutely love the descriptions! They’re incredibly violent and kinda gorey... okay, it’s not that bad. But this is horror, so I love it! I also loved that shocking twist with who the evil spirit was possessing.

Another thing I loved about this is that we finally find out what happened to Sarah Fear and the evil spirit on the fateful day in which she died. We actually flash back and get to witness things first hand, which I absolutely loved seeing! It was very cool getting to see Sarah struggle to beat the evil spirit, but then ultimately die. I read the Fear Street Saga trilogy a very long time ago, but I remember absolutely loving it! I love getting these little tidbits about the Fear family from back in the day, and how the myths and legends of the Fear family and Fear Street were shaped! I just love it!


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