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Review: Silent Night (Silent Night #1-3) by R.L. Stine

Silent Night (Silent Night, #1-3)
Title: Silent Night

Series: Silent Night | Fear Street Super Chiller | Fear Street Collector's Editions

Books in this omnibus: Silent Night | Silent Night 2 | Silent Night 3

Author: R.L. Stine

Publication date: December 1997

Published by: Archway Paperbacks

Source: Own paperback

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Santa's bringing Reva three presents... each one full of holiday fear!

In Silent Night Reva Dalby was the richest, snobbiest, nastiest person in Shadyside. Three Christmases ago, Reva went too far, and found herself being followed everywhere. By someone who wanted revenge.

Reva escaped and promised that she'd change.

But she didn't stay on Santa's nice list for long. The next Christmas, in Silent Night 2. she went back to being her old, spoiled self. Until she was kidnapped--by men who wanted her rich father's money.

Now, in Silent Night 3, Reva is home from college for the holidays. She's determined to have a good time this year. But she doesn't know that once again, Santa's leaving terror in her stocking. And it's going to be anotherscary Christmas!

My rating: ★★★★★

It's not Christmas, but...

merry fudging christmas


Silent Night (Fear Street Super Chiller, #2)
Silent Night

Oh snobby, rich girl Reva Dalby. Just because her daddy owns the chain of Dalby Department stores, she thinks she’s above everyone else, treating them all like sh*t. Even her own cousin Pam. She’s definitely earned the wrath of many people with her actions. One of those people has decided to take revenge on the spoiled brat. But what starts off as pranks, soon turn more sinister. More deadly. Horrifying things keep happening to Reva. Someone is trying to scare her and it’s working. But would they go as far as to actually kill her? Poor little rich girl Reva will have to learn her lesson the bad way, before she gets dead.

Silent Night is definitely one of the better Fear Street books out there! It had so many great plot twists I did not see coming—finding out who was sending Reva all these threatening gifts, and finding out who the murderer was... whoa. The mystery was just great! Plus I loved the setting! I’ve actually already read this one like three times now! And it’s also a great holiday read... if you’re into sinister holiday reads ๐Ÿ˜‰


Silent Night 2

Reva is back at being her old, awful self. And now someone is out to kidnap the spoiled brat. Look, Reva is a bitch and she totally deserves what’s coming to her. And then there’s Pam. Poor Pam, thinking her cousin had changed. But nooooooo. Now Pam is caught up in Reva’s mess and could be in real trouble herself.

Guys, Silent Night 2 was SO good! It honestly had some of the best plot twists! Insane plot twists everywhere! I loved getting those surprises! I mean, everything that could go wrong for the kidnappers does. It was amusing and surprising all at the same time! So many mistakes, everything going wrong, not to mention betrayals... it was great! So many thrills, so much suspense... Silent Night 2 was just a very exciting read full of interesting characters! Sure, some of them were less likable than others (*cough* Reva *cough*), but that’s the point! This was a great sequel and overall fun Fear Street book.


Silent Night 3 (Fear Street Superchiller, #11)
Silent Night 3

Reva is back from college on winter break and someone is out to kill Reva... again. But can you blame them? After everything that happened to Reva in the last two books, she is still treating people like sh*t. Now people around her are dropping dead, and Reva is probably next. She thinks she can get anything she want, and will lie to get it, and as previously mentioned, even hurt people along the way. All the people she has crossed, it’s no wonder someone is always out to get her on a constant basis. This girl... she just doesn’t learn her goddamn lesson, does she? I guess someone’s gonna have to refresh Reva’s memory... again.

One thing I loved about the last two books was that they had amazing plot twists! This one, not so much. Well, no. They were interesting—the person behind all the murders and their motivation actually caught me a little by surprise. But only a little because the thing behind their motivation I had actually already guessed ahead of time. As soon as we were introduced to this particular character I knew there was something way off. Well, it was obvious to me anyway.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed Silent Night 3! I honestly hope Reva has finally learned her lesson. I just feel awful for Pam for having to deal with this awful cousin of hers. Seeing as how this book completes the Silent Night trilogy, it’s safe to assume Reva did indeed learn her lesson. But probably not. Lol.


The Fear Street connection: Reva's cousin Pam lives Fear Street.

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