Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Bookish Discussion: Most Read Authors (as of 2018)!

The last time I checked out who my most read authors were was back in February of 2015 in this post. And you can do this too thanks to a cool tool from Goodreads!

Anyway, now 3 years later I have decided to see how that list has changed. But just for reference, here are the authors that appeared on that previous 2015 list:

5. Jennifer Estep and Mari Mancusi (8 books each)
4. Sara Shepard (9 books)
3. Nikki Jefford (10 books)
2. Rachel Vincent (13 books)
1. Rick Riordan (15 books)

You can check out that full post here!

And now for my most read authors... currently! (I’ve included all books, novellas, short stories, etc. Also, I wrote this post early July, so the pictures are no longer accurate because I've been reading even more books by these authors, so I went back and added in all the new books I read 😅 lol.)

5th Place:

Violets Are Blue More Trouble Brews (Mellow Summers, #13)

Janet McNulty with 13 books! I do love me some Mellow Summers!

4th Place:

Rachel Vincent with 15 books!

3rd Place:

Rick Riordan with 20 books! No surprise there, though he was #1 on my last list! But he’s still one of my favorite authors! I love mythology and all of his books!

2nd Place:

By a Thread (Elemental Assassin, #6) Widow's Web (Elemental Assassin Books) Deadly Sting (Elemental Assassin, #8) Carniepunk: Parlor Tricks  (Elemental Assassin #8.2)

Jennifer Estep with 30 books! I love her too! Literally, I love everything she writes! I have read 4 different series by her (so far) and I love them all!

1st Place:

R.L. Stine with a whopping 44 books!! Holy crap! I’ve been reading a lot of Fear Street and they’re super short, so that makes sense. I love me a good Fear Street book 😊

And here are the recurring authors from my previous list to now:

Rachel Vincent: Read 2 more books since 2015
Rick Riordan: Read 6 more books since 2015
Jennifer Estep: Read 22 more books since 2015!!! Omg. I read a ton of her Elemental Assassin short stories this year, plus I'm currently continuing on with the series, so that helped the number. Lol.

50% of the authors mentioned on my 2015 list appeared on this one again!

And that’s it! The two authors that surprised me were Janet Mcnulty and Rachel Vincent. Janet because I guess I just never realized how many Mellow Summers books I read. Lol. But I love them! They are short but a lot of fun! And Rachel Vincent because I actually haven’t read anything by her in YEARS! But I still do love her! I really want to get back to reading some more Rachel Vincent books!

Who are your most read authors?

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